Current Barbie Organisation and Storage

Hello everyone! Remember how poor Aria’s foot snapped off? And I looked around for a replacement body but couldn’t justify spending a lot of money to replace a broken foot? Anyway, I found the solution -Erika Juno! That’s right, I decided to swap Aria’s broken body with that of Erika Juno’s. Of course, it’s not her original… Continue reading Current Barbie Organisation and Storage


The Evolution of the Barbie Fashionista Line (2009-2017)

Personally, I find it difficult to remember what years things came out, so I used the fabulous “egolon fashionista guide” to help me remember! I also got the stock photos from there. I recommend checking out her site and photo stories if you haven’t already! Generation 1 -Wild, Sweetie, Sporty, etc. Ah, 2009. It was… Continue reading The Evolution of the Barbie Fashionista Line (2009-2017)


Call Me, Beep Me if Ya Wanna Reach Me (photostory)

Before I started this photostory I took a few pictures of the girls’ outfits because I thought they were cute af. Here is Danika wearing cute printed fabric shorts with a crop top. Here is Barbie wearing my lovely 2009 Fashionista Artsy dress. And here is Aimee wearing some more modern pieces -a shirt from… Continue reading Call Me, Beep Me if Ya Wanna Reach Me (photostory)

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Danika Needs a Friend (photostory)

Today I made some waffles using a MyFroggyStuff video. I changed quite a lot of the ingredients because I didn’t have them (what the heck is baking soda, anyway?) but it still ended up okay. I didn’t have any chalk, so I used yellow marker and brown eyeshadow. I didn’t have any white glue, either,… Continue reading Danika Needs a Friend (photostory)