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I am a bad daughter.

I have been specifically told to not start a blog. Well, that was one or two (or six) years ago, but that’s not the point. The point is -I am a bad daughter because, as you can see, I started one anyway. Oh well. It’s not that I wanted to be a bad daughter or anything, I just wanted to write about Barbie and share my passion with other like-minded people! This blog will most likely be a combination of:

A.) A look-what-I-bought type of blog

B.) A look-what-I-made type of blog

C.) A photostory type of blog

D.) A random rants and opinion type of blog

E.) Reviews (but not too often, because they’re long and quite boring to write)

If anyone’s wondering what exactly I am referencing by the whole ‘you stole my cake’ thing, you obviously haven’t seen Barbie: Princess Charm School, which, in my opinion, is the Second Best Barbie Movie Ever.

The Past: As I mentioned in the ‘about’ section, I have loved Barbie since I was a little girl. Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs, but for the most part, Barbie has played a huge role in my life.

The Present: Right now I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Barbie in Rock ‘n Rolls dolls, as well as some others that haven’t gotten to where I live yet (it can take a few years. EAH was only released in stores last year, I think and we’ve only just gotten our first Barbie from the style range a few months ago). I’m also hoping to get a few posts prewritten to slowly post over the next few weeks, as to not spam or have a huge gap between posts.

The Future: I’m hoping to, one day, have a whole room dedicated to Barbie with lots of shelves full of dioramas that are already set up. In the middle I’d like to have a table, where I can do sewing or doll photography. At the moment it’s quite difficult to get new Barbie things, so in the future I’ll probably be go crazy buying stuff online haha : )


*Don’t understand that reference, either? Ugh. Go watch episode 2 of Barbie’s Vlog, then come back.


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