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Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls Review

In case you were unaware, The Greatest Toy Sale on Earth (yes, it is actually named that), has just begun, so of course I had to go and check it out, to see if any new dolls had arrived. I bought them all. Well, there was only four since I had last visited just over a week ago, which is unusual for me to wait that long, but that’s not the point. The point is… They were Rock ‘n Royals dolls!

I’ve never had a main doll before, apart from Genevive and she was only second-hand, and I’ve never had this many dolls from the same movie before, either! It’s very exciting. But wait until you read the price. Originally $25 (18USD). Down to $17 (12USD)! What a deal! I can’t believe they’re that low -nor can I believe how quickly they arrived, normally I have to wait a month or two until the movie releases! That means I spent a total of $68 (50USD)! If there wasn’t a sale they would be $100 (73USD)! That’s the most I’ve ever spent on Barbie at once. The only thing even close to that was the $60 (43USD) The Look City Shine Gold Dress collector doll. Anyway, here they are in box…

image image

Doesn’t the packaging look great?! It’s weird how Courtney and Erika don’t have the Erika in the background. Originally I was planning to get both of the transforming main dolls, but they would be $60 (43USD) each and an’t nobody gonna afford that!

image image

The back is just the standard promo images that we see everywhere. Snooze.

image image

This is Rayna, straight from the box. She looks a bit tipsy there! You okay, Rayna?imageimage

The back of her hair is a mess! Luckily we have Tara, hair expert, to help us out!

image image

Much better! I really love Rayna’s outfit -if you didn’t already know she was a country singer, it’s easy to tell!


The guitar is hollow, which means it’s very light. I either bought a doll with a defect guitar strap or accidentally cut the strap off (more likely the latter). Anyway, I just reattached it with sticky tape. No big deal. imageimage

Here she is in the film. As you can see, she doesn’t have a fringe and the doll is missing the necklace, but apart from that, it’s almost an exact replica. Hooray! I love it when dolls are the same as in the movie. imageimage

Overall, I’m really happy with Rayna’s look. My only complaint is her joints are all about the stiffness -her head can barely nod and you can see the hole in her shoulder when you position her arm in a certain way. imageimage

Here is Zia. Don’t you love those rockstar-cool details on her boots? Awesome! I love her keyboard, it’s super cool.


Zia’s hair and clothing are much bolder than Ryana’s. I love her shiny pants and futuristic style top! Her hair is absolutely covered in hair spray, however, not that that’s a bad thing. Remember how much hairspray Alan from Happy Family got? Remember how much Azura got? Yeah… That’s how much is on this doll. Personally, I like it, but not too often. It works on her.

image image

Here you can see that Zia’s outfit doesn’t quite match up with her character in the movie. It’s such a shame, because that vest would have looked gorgeous! However, like Rayna, I am absolutely in love with this doll -though I probably wouldn’t pay $25 for each of them, considering how bad quality the dolls themselves are (the stiffness).

yo 119 yo 120

And here is Princess Courtney! Isn’t she lovely? I absolutely love the details, especially on her shoes.

yo 121 yo 122

The microphone looks a bit childish, but this is only a cheap toy. Her necklace reminds me of Alexa’s. It might be the makeup against all that hair, but her skin looks very pink to me. I think she could have done with less blush. I haven’t removed the plastic bands from the tiara yet, because I’m afraid she’ll end up like Delancy, with the crown never staying on.

yo 123 yo 124

Her fingertips look quite strange without the microphone. Not to mention that giant hole! One thing that’s quite annoying about the dress being non-removable is the fact that her hair’s pink, so, if you were going for movie-to-play realism, you couldn’t do the parts of the movie where her hair is blonde, before she transforms at the concert. I suppose I could just re-enact those parts by putting the skirt on a different doll and they could just wear a similar top.

yo 125 yo 126

This is Erika. She’s rather pretty, just a bit cheap-looking, I think. But that’s fair enough. Like I said with Courtney -she barely cost anything!

yo 127 yo 128

Her curls have flattened in the box, which I find a bit annoying. I hope they will bounce back on their own -I’m afraid of touching them, actually, and I don’t want to have to boil coil them. *shudders* Anyway, this is her guitar. Very rock-chic. I like it.

yo 129 yo 130

Once again, the guitar is hollow on the inside.

yo 131 yo 132

Unlike the other dolls, her skirt simply slides on and off, there’s no velcro at all.

yo 133 yo 134

Here’s the group all together! I was going to remake the stage from the movie, but tbh I couldn’t be bothered. So yeah. They can just stand there like that. I didn’t really put in much effort to pose them all nice for this post, I do apologise for that. Here’s a close-up of all their faces. I really like Zia’s, she’s unlike any other doll I have at the moment.

yo 135 yo 136

Both Erika, Courtney and Rayna look very sweet and innocent. I can understand Courtney looking that way, and perhaps even Rayna, but Erika is such a tough girl!

yo 137barbie-in-rock-n-royals-477283l

Oh, and that reminds me, take a look at the promo pictures of these dolls. (below) The late 2014 one, that they showed at the Mattel Conference back in December or whenever, looks so different! And Zia’s hair in the right one looks a bit longer.

Barbie-in-Rock-n-Royals-New-Movie-2015-barbie-movies-37734086-1339-734 Rock_Royals_Zia_Doll_2

Overall, I am a big fan of these budget dolls and an even huger fan of Barbie: Rock ‘n Royals. I may even have to move that up in my list, especially now since the music videos have been leaked. I think I would have been disappointed about the quality if I had paid full-price for these beauties, but luckily I didn’t, so I don’t mind as much. I’m a bit annoyed they didn’t come with an little accessories, either, like the budget dolls from Barbie: Princess Charm School.

I know Barbie isn’t known for doing these, but a cute little booklet would have been really cool, or at least personalised packaging for each doll -even if it was just a name! Anyway, I should stop rambling on now.

-Pace ❤

Some things to discuss in the comments, you know, if you like:

-Have the Rock ‘n Royals dolls been released in your area yet? Are you planning on buying them? What do you think?

-Are you a fan of dolls from movies? Do you even watch the movies?

-How much do you think these are worth? (please include which currency you are using)

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