Barbie Festival ’15

Everyone in Aquifolia is excited for Barbie Fest ’15 today. Midge and Holly have decided to go together this year. Midge will be bringing her children and Holly will be bringing her sister. Ryan and Rebecca are around the same age and are fast friends already.



The sun is out, but the air is chilly, which explains why there aren’t as many cars in the carpark as last year. Rebecca is very excited, but Holly makes sure she is wearing her coat. Nikki is wearing an old jacket of Ryan’s, which is a little big for her. She doesn’t seem to mind.



The older girls drop the younger ones off at the playground then head off to explore. Despite the lack of cars, the place is packed! The smell of pizza is making Holly’s mouth water, but she is on a diet and bravely walks forward.



“Just something we wanna try! Cause you and I… We’re cool for the summer!” The girls from Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals, Ryana, Zia, Erika and Courtney, are performing Demi Lovato’s hit new song. Holly stops to listen then goes off to look for Midge, who has mysteriously disappeared!


Ah, there she is! Holly finds Midge at the table she walked past earlier. It seems Midge is not quite as strong as Holly! She drags her away to watch Suzie the gymnast perform. The day is half over and there is still so much to see!


-Pace! ❤

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