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Barbie Style: Glam Night Neko Review

Okay, so this Barbie Style: Glam Night ‘Neko’ doll is probably my new all-time favourite doll -she’s absolutely amazing. So pretty, I could go on for hours (but I won’t, because that’ll bore the crap out of you). She only released here recently. I scored her today for a low $25 (18USD), which is funny, considering the earlier dolls in the Style range, which only released here a few months ago, are still almost $40 (28USD).

Neko Photoshoot Review 001Neko Photoshoot Review 002

The packaging is pretty cute, huh? I like the whole theme of the ‘Barbiegram.’ They did that with the Resort dolls, too. The other dolls are nice, but I’m not too tempted to buy them. Although their outfits are super cute -and who doesn’t need more clothes?- the dolls are kind of standardised, apart from the articulation, which is quite rare nowadays.

Neko Photoshoot Review 003 Neko Photoshoot Review 004

Here she is without the plastic covering and fully out of the box. Isn’t she so beautiful? I only had to take a couple of photos to get the look I wanted, the camera loves her!

Neko Photoshoot Review 005 Neko Photoshoot Review 006

The shoes. The shoes are horrible! Well, I mean, they look nice and everything, but they won’t stop falling off! I’m really afraid I’ll loose them one day. I’ve heard there’s something you can do with hot water to make them fit, but I tried to google it and came up with nothing.

Here’s a shot of the back of her hair. Those brown streaks are gorgeous! And look, another surprise from Mattel -a fully patterned skirt! :O

Neko Photoshoot Review 007 Neko Photoshoot Review 008

That face! Normally I’m not fond of the whole post-rebranding, little-to-no makeup thing, but it works on her. I’m a bit disappointed about that bracelet, it looks kind of cheap. But it matches the bag and the skirt, and accessories are always a plus, so. It also is really different to the one on the packaging, it’s much lighter pink. Oh well, I prefer it like this anyway.

Neko Photoshoot Review 009 Neko Photoshoot Review 010

Here she is wearing the jacket. It was a bit hard to get on, because of all the holes, but it looks fantastic. As we can see on the packaging, the bag should be able to fit shoes, bracelet, camera, perfume bottle and necklace. Let’s see how that works out, hmm?

Neko Photoshoot Review 011 Neko Photoshoot Review 012

“How-How do I hold this? …Is this right? How can I take a photo? …. Blu-tac?”

Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. It barely opens up at all, it can’t hold a thing. But that’s okay, I’d actually rather it didn’t. It looks quite stylish like this.

Neko Photoshoot Review 013 Neko Photoshoot Review 014

“Yeah! I can hold the perfume bottle at least!”

Fun fact: Neko means ‘cat’ in Japanese. According to Google Translate, anyway.

Neko Photoshoot Review 015 Neko Photoshoot Review 018

Her skintone is really light, it’s just perfect for rebodying. If I was rich (or if Barbie were cheaper…), I would totally buy at least ten of these.

Neko Photoshoot Review 016 Neko Photoshoot Review 017

And now for a photoshoot!

Neko Photoshoot Review 020 Neko Photoshoot Review 021 Neko Photoshoot Review 022

Okay, so three pictures isn’t exactly a photoshoot, but it was difficult because the sun (Yeah, that’s what I’m blaming it on today). Anyway, I have decided that Neko is a fashion/beauty blogger (hence the camera and makeup) from Toyko who was just arrived in Aquifolia for a job in a big fashion magazine. She’s really confident, friendly and has a really individual style.

-Pace ❤

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