Is it Christmas already?


The girls are peacefully having some friends over when they are interrupted by a loud scraping noise along the floor. “Ho ho ho!” Zoey shouts, dragging the heavy box into their tiny apartment.


“What? No!” Neko and Holly protest, as she unboxes and places the tree right in front of the TV.


“Um, you realise you can just move the desk upstairs into storage and put the tree there, right?” Asks Barbie, coming downstairs to see what all the fuss was about.



“Um.” Barbie says. “Zoey, that’s… That’s not what I meant.” Zoey looks up but doesn’t reply, and goes back to fiddling with the lights. “I hope Stacie and Chelsea come this year.” Barbie says, to nobody in particular. “Barbie…” Zoey says slowly. “Don’t get your hopes up. What happened last year…”

“I know, I know.” Barbie sighs wishfully.


A few minutes later and Barbie has joined Zoey in decorating the tree. “Where did you find these hats from, anyway?” Barbie asks, but Zoey doesn’t get a chance to answer before she is interrupted by Tara. “You guys realise it’s only November, right?”







“No!” Shouts Zoey, grabbing Barbie’s hat off her head and putting it on Tara’s. “Hey!” She cries. “I was just saying!” Protests Tara. “No!” Zoey continues. “November is a perfectly acceptable time of year to celebrate Christmas! Feel the holiday spirit!”



“Hey! Look!” Tara shouts suddenly, quickly pulling the hat off as Zoey turns around. Barbie has gotten the lights working!

Isn’t the tree cute? I got it from Typo for $20. A perfect fit!




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