The Meeting (Photostory)


“To be honest, I’m a little nervous about this meeting.” Barbie admits. “It’s my first since becoming captain, you know, and I really want it to be a success.”

“You need to stop worrying!” Ken says. He isn’t part of the committee, he just came along for moral support.


A few minutes later, Drew and Raquelle arrive. Raquelle is vice-captain, as she came second in the election last year, with Drew as her ‘sidekick.’ Barbie avoids her gaze -ever since she left to be friends with Raquelle, things had gotten a bit awkward. She can’t help but notice how different she dresses nowadays. Where had her sporty, fun-loving friend gone?


Soon, Neko, Blaine and Ryan arrive, who are all on the committee as well.


The meeting begins. Barbie is planning the school formal extra-early, to ensure everything goes smoothly.


“Um, I’m sorry, but did you just say that Neko is organising for Rock n Royals to come and perform? That doesn’t sound legit to me. If anyone knew a band as famous as that, it wouldn’t be Neko.”


Just as those words left her mouth, here they are! “Sorry we’re late.” Princess Courtney says apologetically. “Our flight got a bit delayed.”


Raquelle looks over at Drew in disbelief.


“Great!” Barbie says. “Take a seat. Can we continue with the meeting now? Any more questions, Raquelle?” Raquelle shakes her head, while Barbie gives Neko a smug smile.


“I’m so glad you could make it.” Neko whispers to Erika.

“I promised, didn’t I?”


After the meeting, Barbie and Neko go to a store to look for dresses for the formal.


They find exactly what they need in a couple of minutes. “So,” Barbie says oh-so-subtly. “Where’dya meet Erika?”

Neko laughs. “I caught one of her performances, during the Christmas break, and I came up to talk to her afterwards. We spent the whole time she was on tour in Aquifolia together, but then she had to go back to the States I thought it’d be the last I’d see of her, to be honest.” She paused. “Is this dress okay?”

“It’s perfect.” Barbie replied.


Here are the girls in their new dresses.


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