Adventures in Doll Boil Repair

Would ya’ll like to know something very educational?


THIS is an absolutely terrible way to store Barbies. I knew that, of course, when I first put them all in (lined up all nicely with their hair brushed), but I don’t have anywhere to store my dolls anymore, since my room redecoration.


Grace is very annoyed with me and has demanded a boil straighten repair. I’ll miss her cute little curls, but when they’re messy, they don’t look so cute anymore, so I have agreed.


Don’t worry; this isn’t a toilet, as much as it looks like one.


Look at all that blonde! I never realised there was this much.


Beautiful! Grace and I are very happy with her new look. She looks like a completely new doll. I tried hiding the earrings away under her hair and she looks like a different doll again. Pretty cool to see what a makeover can do, right?

What have your dolls been up to lately? xx

-Pace ❤


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