This here (above) is how my Barbie collection used to be organised. Pretty bad, huh? So I decided to change things up a bit.


I began by putting all the small pieces of furniture into small drawers, so I could easily dig through each one to find things (compared to digging through a giant box, searching for one piece).


Important pieces that I use often, such as phones, laptops, pets, etc, go in these separate boxes.


Shoes and accessories are all organised into categories. They can be stacked on top of each other.


Big pieces of furniture go in large drawers.


Non-perishable foods and kitchenware go in this tub.


Perishable (haha) foods go in this tub.


I then brushed all the doll’s hair and lined them up in this cardboard box. I put smaller cardboard boxes inside for more security. For dolls with hair that could get messed up (aka, mostly all of them), I placed a piece of cut-up toilet paper roll over their heads.


placed the fairies and mermaids at the bottom of the pit  box, and then topped it with the child-sized dolls.


I put spare Swappin’ Styles heads in an old ice cream container and placed it on top of the child-sized dolls.


So organised!


All the dolls I will be using often I have put on my shelf. I’m hoping to find a Made to Move Neko to replace Neko’s body. Gotta get that leg articulation!

And because I did a fun photoshoot the other day, here’s some pictures:


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