Time for School

It was my birthday! My sister got me Made to Move Lea. Isn’t she lovely? She looks a bit older than my other dolls, so I made her Neko’s older sister and a teacher at the school. I named her Tori, which I think means ‘bird’ in Japanese. It matches with Neko, which I think means ‘cat.’ (All these are from Google Translate, so I wouldn’t assume it is 100% correct) I won’t bother doing a review; we’ve all seen her before, right? image

This is the school I made the other day, out of a Cornflakes box. I’m bothered how the bricks don’t match up, but I tried really hard and still couldn’t get them to do it. It took me so many tries! At least there’s no cardboard showing.


It’s been really fun, having a school like this, since you can do so much in them. Formal, SRC election, fights with friends, new teachers, exams, oh joy!


I decorated both sides, a classroom on one and lockers on the other, so I can easily set things up on both sides. When finished, I can just close up the box! I made sure to stick things down in such a way that they don’t get bent or ripped.


Welcome to the family, Tori! I think she’s real pretty. I was originally going to use her as a body donor, to make Neko’s knees bend, but then I decided I liked her too much : P

Update: Yeah, Tori ended up as a body donor… #Awkward #SorryNotSorry



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