Neko’s Day


It’s the start of another busy day for Tori. She’s a teacher at the local high school, so this means she has to get to work early, before all the students arrive. Unfortunately for Neko, Tori’s sister, this means she gets there early, too. On their way, Tori needs to drop Miyah, her daughter, off to daycare.


“You can’t wear that to school!” Tori protests, as soon as Neko comes out of the house. “It’s ten sizes too big. You look like such a dag!”

“But it’s so warm!” Argues Neko. She knows she’ll always get her way eventually. “It’s part of my comfy-girl aesthetic.”

“Comfy-girl what now?”

“Comfy-girl aesthetic. You know, the long-limbed, beautiful girl sits on her bed wearing an oversized sweater with a messy bun?” Tori sighs and makes sure that Miyah is all strapped into her pram. She’ll never understand kids these days.


It isn’t long before Neko’s two best friends, Imogen and Kayla, arrive to school as well. They make sure to get there early, to keep Neko company.


Here’s another shot of Kayla because she’s pretty and I felt like it.


Best friends!


Class has almost begun. Imogen can’t help but smile when she sees Ryan trying to flirt with Barbie. Everyone knows she has a boyfriend! He was so desperate. Barbie and her friends are one of the most popular groups in the entire school.


It’s not long before lunch arrives. It’s sunny, but it’s cold. Tricked!


Back to class! Only two more hours until the schoolday is over and Neko can finally go home to relax.


Just kidding! Neko gets home and gets started on her homework. She doesn’t have too much tonight, so she shouldn’t have to stay up late to finish it.


At 8pm, Tori comes in. Neko is grateful for an excuse to stop working. “I know it’s late, but we have a visitor. They’re for you, actually.”


It’s Erika! Neko shuts her laptop screen and places it next to her. What is Erika doing in her house?


Tori leaves the room, and Erika comes to sit by Neko. “I haven’t seen you in ages.” Neko finally says.

“I know.” Erika replies. “That’s why I’m here, actually. I’m going on tour. I wanted to tell you that in person.”


Neko can’t believe that Erika is doing this to her. First she leaves, now she comes back -only to tell her she’s leaving again! It was too much to handle. “Okay.” Neko says, pretending not to care. “Fine. Leave then.”

“Neko, I swear, it wasn’t my idea. This is my career! I’ve sacrificed everything for this.”

“Can you leave, Erika? You’re not welcome here anymore.”


Despite not having finished her homework, Neko goes straight to bed, right in her jeans. She doesn’t care anymore.




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