Getting Involved in the Barbie Fandom

I recently read a blog post about getting involved in the Barbie movies fandom, which you can read here, and was inspired to create a list of my own, expect not about movies specifically.

1.) Purchase the films

I know it’s extremely easy to watch movies online nowadays and it’s very tempting to watch the new release ones when you can’t afford to buy them in the shops / they haven’t released in your country yet, but, for me, here’s something magical and exciting about watching a real DVD on a real TV. Plus, once you have a nice collection of Barbie films, they look quite nice all lined up in order.

2.) Display your collection

When I was younger, I would have all my Barbie stuff tucked neatly away in drawers so no distant relative would come in and remark on the fact I am practically an adult and *still* play with dolls (Oh, the horror! I mean, it’s not like I was doing something bad, like going out drinking every night). Anyway, I later realised how lovely it would be to be able to see a few of my favourite dolls at once and have them all dressed and such, so I cleared out a few rows on my bookshelf and set them up.

Here is an example I found on the internet for inspiration.


Look at this! Isn’t this so nice? This collection must be worth a fortune! Don’t Anneliese and Erika look stunning? And I always wanted those PCS dolls.

3.) Go even further -set up a house or playset!

I really admire Susana who runs ‘kenoffinland’ on Instagram and Eva who runs ‘egolon’s ville’ on YouTube. They also have a blog and website, highly recommended.



4.) Hold a movie premiere

When a new movie comes out, I love to hold a little movie premiere where I make some snacks and watch the film with the curtains closed. It just makes it so much more exciting! If I have the dolls from the movie (which is rare), I like to take a few photos of them watching it, too. Great for Instagram!

5.) Get involved in the community

Fanpop, Wikia, (for movies / LitD / Dreamtopia / etc) or WordPress, Flickr and Instagram (for dolls) are the best places to connect with other Barbie fans. Instagram is for anyone, so you will find 12 year olds taking photos of their dolls with their iPod and adult collectors who use expensive cameras and lighting. On the other hand, Flickr is for more serious photographers who are usually adults and usually quite good. Even if you don’t upload anything, it’s still great to check out other people’s collections and dolls.

YouTube is also a great way to share your collection and thoughts. I’ve found other sites, such as Tumblr and Twitter, to not have a large Barbie community, but Twitter is still good, as you can follow Kelly Sheridan and other voice artists. Tumblr does have some Barbie accounts, but it’s layout makes it a bit difficult to navigate.

If you write Barbie fanfiction, Wattpad is the place to go. Most of the Barbie fanfiction I have read on there is pretty poor, but there are definitely some hardcore Barbie fans around and Wattpad really is the best online writing platform available.

6.) Buy other Barbie products, too

I have three Barbie shirts, from Valleygirl, Target and Kmart. Yes, in adult sizes! They look really good, too, and yes, I wear them outside the house. I have also seen Barbie jumpers and pyjamas in adult sizes, but they were too expensive for me. If you live in the US, there are some really cool merchandise on Barbie Collector like decorative cushions, drinking glasses and laptop cases. I also have a set of Barbie lead pencils, which I just use generally.

I also have a Barbie: Mariposa and the Fairy Princess deluxe colouring book, which I bought back in 2013 for $4 (Lord knows how I remember the prices of these things!) I was never fond of colouring growing up, I thought it took too long and I didn’t have the patience to make it look nice or stay within the lines. But now that I’m older, I find it quite helpful when I’m really stressed out. I suppose that’s why those Adult Colouring Books have become so popular lately! (I have one of those, too, but I never use it).

maxresdefault (2)

*Not my photo*

How are you involved in the Barbie fandom?

-Pace ❤


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