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Let’s go WaveRide!

*I will be posting 2-3 times a week in the coming months (I have lot of scheduled posts) to increase blog traffic and search visibility, so don’t mind that. Once my views goes up, I will return to the usual 1-2 posts a week*

Continuing in with the ‘Let’s Go’ series, here we have the ‘Let’s Go Waveride.’ $10 from Target on clearance.


Isn’t it cool? The black bit at the bottom often disconnects from the pink bit, but I think that’s because I didn’t connect it properly.


I got the accessories a bit mixed up. The MP3 player, life jacket and water bottle actually came from the Let’s Go Kayak set. You can find the accessories that came with this one in that post. Oops! (I wasn’t going to retake the photos because Lazy).

Anyway, the MP3 player is really difficult to get in position and this photo took forever to take. It’s weird because there’s a hole for her finger, but there’s no way her finger can go in the hole and have the earphones in at the same time.


Isn’t the drink bottle cute? I love the decorations! It looks just like a real one. It’s definitely the coolest drink bottle I have. The lifejacket is awesome, too.


This reminds me of the I Can Be… Arctic Rescue Doll and Playset. I really wanted that one!


I’m not sure what that dangly thing is for. To hold the drink bottle? (because wave riding is so tiring, all that steering!)


To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll use the waverider all that much. I’m glad I got another playset item, because I haven’t purchased any of those (outside of the ‘Let’s Go…’ series) for several years, but still.


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