My Collection

Let’s go Kayak!

Ta-da! New purchases, $10 each, on clearance. I went to a different Target than usual, so they had different things. I was looking for the bike, but found these instead. I didn’t know which one to get, so I got both.


I was leaning towards the kayak, because it came with the MP3 player.


Here it is! (I rebodied Neko onto Tori’s Made to Move body. Tori is now on some random doll and has the wrong skin tone completely).


This is the lifejacket the waverider came with. It’s so cool! I can use it for so many different things (the first thing I thought of was a sinking cruise ship, to be honest). The kayak came with the pink one, but I got the accessories mixed up.


The waverider also came with the water bottle and some sunglasses. Hooray for glasses! Since they break so easily, I always need more.


Off she goes! This will be really fun for a school camping trip.


The front opens up to get the doll’s legs in, but you don’t really need it. I put Neko in without opening it.


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