Emily’s First Day

To celebrate my new dolls, I decided to make a photostory.


“Excited for school today?” Emily’s mum tries to be enthusiastic, but it’s obvious she would rather be somewhere else. She had been living a carefree, childless life for the past 16 years, until her teenage daughter located her. Before long, she had moved in and turned her life upside down. What 29-but-looks-20 year old wants to admit they have a daughter of this age?


“Sure…” Emily mumbles. She thought she would love to finally have a proper mum, but now she’s not so sure. Maybe it would be better if she went back to living with her aunt…

“Oh come on, cheer up. Moving schools isn’t as scary as it sounds. Think of all the new friends you’ll make!”


Suddenly, the door burst open. It was Catrina, here to walk with Emily to school. Catrina had been Emily’s best friend back in primary school, but she had moved to Aquifolia at the end of year 7. Emily was excited to see her again. They had spent the whole weekend chatting and hanging out, but they still had lots more to talk about.

Emily’s mum doesn’t really like Catrina. She thinks she’s too noisy. Since Emily moved in, Catrina has been over every single day.


Emily and Catrina are still in the hallway by the time the first bell rings. Everyone is rushing to get to class. “We’re not going to get a seat next to each other” Catrina groans. “I’ll meet you at the lockers at lunch, okay?” Emily nods. She’s nervous about sitting next to strangers.


Class begins. Emily doesn’t talk to the girl on her table; she doesn’t even know her name! She doesn’t pay much attention to the lesson, either.


“Who’s the new girl?” Asks Barbie. “I heard you were talking to her in the hallway. She’s a bit weird, don’t you think?” Catrina doesn’t say anything. When she first arrived in Aquifolia, Barbie was the only doll that was nice to her, so she doesn’t want to disagree.


Thankfully, time goes quickly and soon it is lunch. Emily waits by the lockers for Catrina, who never comes.


The bell rings and everyone hurries to class. Emily is seated with the same girl as before.


“Did you see the new girl, standing in the corridor all lunch?” Christie smirks. It’s not really a question. Everyone saw. Skipper laughs and Emily can hear her from the other side of the room.


“You know, Emily, we’re allowed outside for lunch.” The girl in the pink dress says gently.

“I know.” Emily replies, not bothering to ask how she knows her name. “I was waiting for my friend.”

“Oh.” The girl says. There is no sympathy in her voice. Emily doesn’t bother to ask for the girl’s name. She feels a bit rude, but is too annoyed at Catrina for leaving her to feel overly guilty about it.


“No Catrina today?” Asks Emily’s mum, surprised when Emily comes home alone. She is cooking pasta for dinner. It smells good.


“She doesn’t have to come ‘rond every day.” Emily snaps, walking to her room. Her mother looks at her, feeling like she has failed somehow.


“Isn’t that the same shirt as yesterday?” Barbie asks, as Emily walks past the next morning. Catrina knows that Emily doesn’t have many clothes yet, because she left them at her old house, but doesn’t say anything. She feels guilty for not standing up for her childhood friend, but really wants to keep her new friend.


“Hey.” Catrina says, once Barbie has walked off. The bell has rung, and both girls know they are going to be late to class and get into trouble. Neither moves.

“Hi.” Emily replies, not sure if she is still mad at her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t wait for yesterday.” There’s lots more that Catrina wants to say, but doesn’t. I’m sorry I never stand up for you. I’m sorry everyone makes fun of you. I’m sorry that I made you stand alone all lunch. I’m sorry I didn’t let you borrow a shirt. 

“Thanks.” Emily says, and walks to class. She didn’t need Catrina to make all those other apologises, she knows what she means. She knows that sometimes it’s difficult to be loyal and good all the time.

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