Stands n’ Shelves

I am very excited because my eBay package arrived! Doll stands!

Skipper will be my helper today. My first Barbie stand was the collector one that came with my gold The Look doll, but that’s a piece of crap, so I bought some more.

They were very easy to set up.

I’m being sneaky by tucking Skipper’s shirt over the stand. Shh! No-one can tell now (jk, jk).

The best bit was the lovely little surprise they included. I was not expecting this at all! How nice, and such important pieces, too -I am forever breaking tiaras and always need some more.

At the word ‘tiara,’ Delancy came running!

Since my shelves are quite a mess, I decided to tidy them up a bit.

Lots of sorting to do…

Here are Emily and Catrina, my two Unknowns. They are separated because they have the bend and snap bodies. I have some spare Fashionista bodies I could rebody them with (since they are main characters now), but I decided against it. The bend and snap bodies have such charm!

And here are the main shelves. The top one is a display and the bottom one is for the articulated main characters.

LTR: Holly, Neko, Barbie, Imogen, Kayla, Danika

The display is for boxed dolls (Delancy, The Look Gold, I Can Be President 2012 Amalia), and dolls from movies. Here we have the 12 Dancing Princess dolls, Diamond Castle Alexa and, Azura and Dandelion from Fairytopia.

On this side we have the Rock n Royals dolls -Courtney, Erika, Zia and Rayna. Review here.


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