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Dandelion Fix-Up & Fairytale Friends

I had a random moment of inspiration and decided to clean up my precious second-hand Dandelion from the 2005 film Barbie Fairytopia. (I find it annoying and slightly amusing how I have quite a few dolls from the Fairytopia series, but no Elina!)


The first step, obviously, was to soak her face in hot soapy water to see if it would do anything to that horrendous permanent texta all over her face. It didn’t. But not to worry! Next, I tried nail polish remover. No luck. After that came hairspray (suggested by WikiHow) and then a paste made out of baking soda. No luck with that, either. So I gave up.


The next step was to soak her hair in hot, soapy water for a while to untangle it.


After that, I brushed and brushed until it was looking pretty okay. Then I lifted up her hair and realised there were bald patches everywhere and I had ripped out half of her hair. Oops : )


I really like her eye makeup. Her face is so unusual, and I’m not just talking about the marks. It’s really cool!


Here she is fully dressed, but wingless. The wings were made of paper-thin plastic that you could easily fold in half, so those were lost, obviously.


I did the hair just like in the movie! (not exactly, but as close as it was gonna get)


Dandelion is just the best character. I wish Elina would stop being a bitch and let her come on her adventures! “But Dandelion! What about your mom?” Shut up, Elina! She’s your best friend!


Here she is with the other fairies of Barbieland. Azura, Anonymous Green Fairy, Dandelion, Anonymous Pink Fairy and Danika.


Just for fun, here are my beautiful princess dolls -Hadley, Edeline, Genevieve and Isla. I wrote a post about them here  and here.


And here are my two mermaids -Xylie and Merissa. I had another Fairytopia mermaid, a green one, but part of the tail broke off and I debodied her, but ended up just throwing the head away along with the broken tail.


Here they are all together! Does Hadley have the sweetest face?


Here’s a shot of Edeline just because I felt like it. Snapchat filters look good on dolls, too!


And another one of Hadley.


Here they are again.

I found this amazing blog post about Dandelion, Azura and Dahila, which you can read at

I was going to insert one of the photos to show you, but there’s too many good ones, so you’ll have to visit it yourself. It got me thinking that perhaps I should rebody one of these!

Do you have any Fairytopia dolls? What do you think of them?

-Pace ❤


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