Improving the Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls

If you know me, you’ll know that I hate three things:

1.) When people spread totally untrue rumours about me (lil passive aggressive jab there, since I can’t actually say that irl)

2.) Dolls with painted-on clothes

3.) Dolls with cheap, stiff bodies that can’t move their heads or anything fun like that

Because my Rock ‘n Royals dolls are victims to number 2.) and 3.), I decided to do something about it. You can read my original post here.


I rebodied Princess Courtney onto a bend n snap body with a skintone that I believe is Neutra, even though her original body was quite ‘pink’ and doesn’t exactly match her new one, it’s close enough. I dressed her in a shirt from the Cutie Fashion Pack from 2011.

Sidenote: Courtney’s head was simply the hardest head to get off! The prongs were really wedged in there, I ripped off a bit of her skin, even though I held it under the hairdrier for ages. There was also a ton of glue!

I rebodied Erika onto a bend-n-snap body with a tanned skintone. It’s interesting because on all of the promotional material and DVD cover, Erika is significantly darker than Courtney, but in the actual movie and on all the dolls, they are almost the same skintone. I dressed her in a shirt from the Football Fashion Pack from 2016.

I rebodied Rayna onto a random Fashionista body I had lying around (I believe the skintone is LA Tan), and I rebodied Zia onto the Neko Glam Night body (I believe the skintone is Neutra). Zia is holding her boots because she now has flat feet and can’t wear them anymore 😥 She is sad because she is a lot shorter than the rest now!


In other Zia-related news, I finally got the gel out of her hair! She looks so different! I used half boiling water / half cold, with dishwashing soap, as suggested by barbielea. It was like magic -as soon as I put the head in the water, it all came out straight away!


I never noticed this before, but her eyes are a bit wonky… That’s really going to bother me now. How have I not noticed this before?? I look at her all the time!


Friends that get naked together, stay together! 

Here’s a comparison shot, pre-hair treatment.


And here’s another shot post-treatment, because I simply cannot stop taking photos. Which do you like better, before or after? Even though it was neater before, I think she looks more ‘real’ afterwards and more fun to play with.


Here is Courtney back home. This shirt is perfect for those unusable ballgowns that came with painted on tops (grr!). It makes a nice casual-but-royal look. And no, I am not making Holly her bossy stepsister, she is just there in the background.


*Sorry for the terrible quality, the sun set between this photo and the one before, so there’s a big difference in lighting*

Here is a keyboard I made, by cutting up a black plastic folder. I cut several layers and then drew the design on top. I then hot glued a shiny sticker and folded a piece of plastic to make it stand.

Since I spent almost $100 on these dolls all together, I feel like I should use them more often. Now that they have bend n snap bodies (or at least, some degree of articulation), I should be able to do that. I wish the movie explored their personalities a bit more -apart from Rayna’s accent, I don’t know how to make Zia and Rayna act. Take Princess Charm School for example -Hadley and Isla were super well developed, I could think up a million storylines for them.

I rewatched Rock ‘n Royals again recently (which is what inspired me to rebody these dolls), and loved it even more than the last time I watched it. I really want a sequel!


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