Princess Charm School Guide Book

The other day, I purchased this Barbie: Princess Charm School Panorama Sticker Storybook for $2. Only $2! I also saw a Barbie and her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure hard-cover storybook and lots of Barbie in the Pink Shoes colouring books. I was tempted to get the colouring book, but I haven’t finished the Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess one yet.

As you probably already know, I absolutely LOVE Princess Charm School. It’s my second favourite movie, possibly my first -I need to rewatch the movies again and decide. I have no idea how a book from 2011 is still on the shelves (it was the last one), but who am I to complain?


How cute is the cover!


The illustrations are pretty standard, the ones I’ve seen a thousand times floating around the Internet. Remember back in the olden days, when they had storybooks like this?


The photo above is from ‘The Stars in the Sky1’ on Flickr. There are plenty more like it!


“Best friends forever!” Shout Hadley, Delancy and Blair, completely ignoring Isla even though she did the exact amount as Hadley.


Hadley watches the girls celebrate from the sidelines, her smile stiff.


At the end of the book, it opens up to reveal a page of stickers and a playboard, which you are supposed to stick the stickers on. I decided not to. It’s a shame the book isn’t big enough to have the doll stand properly in the scene -it would have made such a great backdrop for photos! Ah well.

Since I am not sticking the stickers on the playboard, what am I going to do with them, you ask? Stick them on the front cover of a blank notebook to create a Barbie themed one? Maybe stick them on a hairbrush, to create a Barbie themed hairbrush? Although those are both excellent ideas, I have something a little more creative in mind.


A Barbie Princess Charm School guidebook! I recently purchased a really cute notebook from Kmart with a fun geometric print. I forgot how much it cost, probably 6 or 8 dollars. Anyway, I wrote up some cute little princess rules (like the ones on the old PCS Welcome Package) and printed them off.


How sweet! I think I did a pretty good job, but I imagined the stickers being larger than they actually were.


I got inspiration for these tips (if you can’t tell, haha) from To Be a Princess’ from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, ‘To Be a Princess / Popstar’ from Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar and ‘When You’re a Princess’ from Barbie: Rock n’ Royals. 


I put all the leftover stickers on the next few pages afterwards. I will use it as a notebook with the guidebook at the front. Much more useful than the playboard!

image1 (1)

It would have been better if the stickers were not outlined in purple, but I like it all the same. The paragraph on the page with Dancing Blair (above), I got from the last page of the storybook and changed a few words around.

Overall, I think it was $2 well spent! It really wouldn’t have been that great without the stickers, of course. There’s only so many times you can read a picture book!

Here are the PDFs of the guidebook if you wish to download.

PCS GuideBook

PCS GuideBook 2


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