What Happens After Camp? (Photostory)

It’s a few days after the Camp Pop vs Camp Royalty concert and Princess Courtney has just returned home.

She changes back into her ball gown and is surprised by her friend Princess Holly. Holly wanted to go to Camp Royalty, but had to do other things during the summer instead. She wants to know everything that happened.

Courtney reveals that she went to Camp Pop by mistake, not Camp Royalty! Holly is shocked. They two chat until it is time for Courtney’s music lesson. Holly decides to stay and watch.

Courtney tries to show her teacher, Alexa, the Princess of Music, what she learnt at Camp Pop, but Alexa tells her to stop. “It’s just not how it’s done.” She explains gently. Courtney is disappointed that nothing has changed at home.

After her music lesson, the girls are surprised by a visit from Erika Juno! Holly wonders how she got past the guards. Courtney expresses her frustration over not being able to sing what she wants.

Erika suggests performing together at the ‘Welcome Back Courtney’ garden party later that day. “You’ve learnt so much this summer,” Erika says. “It’s unfair to make you go back to how things were before. You’ve changed, and so should this kingdom!”

Courtney asks the King if she and “a friend from Camp Royalty” are allowed to perform a piece they learnt over the summer. The King agrees.

The party is small, but there are still a lot of important royal guests.

“Are you ready?” Erika asks. Courtney nods.

The audience sits, waiting.

Courtney and Erika launch right into the song. The audience is shocked! But Erika has more than one trick up her sleeve…

It’s Rayna and Zia! Courtney can’t believe they came all this way.

In the end, the King is less than impressed, but the girls had fun all the same. Courtney knows not to try to disturb the peace too much, but believes it was important to bring a little fun back to the castle, even for only a short while.


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