Anonymous Panda

It’s the start of another school day for the girls at Aquifolia High School. Emily has been here for a week now, and Catrina and her are official Best Friends around the school.


“Uh oh…” Catrina says, scanning an article on the student-run school blog. “There’s something here about us, and it’s not good.”


Emily takes Catrina’s laptop to have a look. “It seems former popular girl Catrina is now hanging out with loser new-girl Emily… Emily transferred only a few days ago… Catrina and Emily’s friendship is the talk of the school… What is this?”


“Do you think it could be…?” Catrina looks over in Barbie’s direction. Emily shrugs. The article was written under ‘Anonymous Panda,’ so it could be anyone!


When the lesson is over and everyone is packing up their laptops, Neko comes up to Emily and Catrina. “I heard what you were saying before,” she says. “And I can tell you one thing -it’s not Barbie.”

“Oh.” Catrina says. She feels bad for accusing her, especially after they were friends for so long.

“I know somebody that can help you find out who it is. They’re really good with computers. Meet back here at lunchtime.” With that, Neko walks off.


With nothing else to try, Emily and Catrina come back to the classroom at lunch. Sitting at one of the tables is Danika; Catrina is surprised that it was her. “So I hear you want to know who Anonymous Panda is.” The girls nod. “I can find out, easy-peasy. But first I’ll need some payment… Got anything?”


The girls produce a bag of cookies, a necklace, some ribbon and a $5 note. Danika gets to work. “It’s Imogen.” She announces.


Emily and Catrina storm out of the classroom, with Danika trailing behind. Luckily for them, Imogen is right outside the lockers. It’s confrontation time!


“Okay. So what. You found out it was me.” Imogen says, clearly annoyed. “I’m not going to delete it.”

“We’ll tell Barbie.” Emily threatens. “She won’t want to be your friend, when she finds out how awful you are.”

“Puh-lease. Barbie already knows. She was in on the whole thing! There’s nothing you can do.”


Emily turns to Danika for advice. Danika shrugs. “What can you do?” Emily sighs. She was right. There was nothing they could do.


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