The Main Dolls

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know I tend to use the same characters over and over again. Below are the main seven dolls I am using at the moment.


I will explain in more detail below.


Name: Neko (Glam Night Neko)

Hobbies: Fashion, blogging, photography

Family: Tori (sister), Miyah (niece)

PersonalityNeko is charming and sweet, which means she is loved by everyone around her. She will always stand up for her friends and is usually full of energy.


Here is Neko’s older sister, Tori, and her daughter, Miyah. Tori is a schoolteacher and has taken care of Neko since she was little. Neither of the girls is in contact with their parents.


Neko casually dated singer Erika Juno, before she had to leave to go on tour. Neko was upset, but eventually realised she didn’t need a relationship to make her happy. She is now perfectly fine living the single life.


Name: Princess Holly (2012 Fashion Meets Fairytale Teresa Princess)

Hobbies: Sports, hanging out with friends

Family: Princess Rebecca (sister)

Personality: Although Holly loves her life as a princess at the castle, she also loves to spend time with her friends and be a regular teenager. She is a loyal friend and is always up for an adventure.

Susanna, Holly and Tara

On vacation, Holly once pretended to be a regular girl, instead of a princess, to impress a boy. He eventually discovered her true identity and dumped her.


Name: Kayla (Wave F Fashion Fever Kayla)

Hobbies: Sports, hanging with friends

Personality: Although quiet, Kayla is quite outspoken and honest when challenged. She will always defend her beliefs to the very end, which means there are certain dolls she isn’t on the best of terms with…


Go Team! Kayla loves sports, because she doesn’t have to talk to anyone and the rules are simple and easy to understand.


Name: Danika (2015 Fairy)

Hobbies: Fashion, reading, computers

Personality: Danika might seem bubbly and sweet, based on her clothing choices, but she’s actually really shy and would rather spend time away from people.


Danika helped Emily find out who was posting nasty things about her online. For a price, of course. Danika knows how to turn any situation into an advantage!


Name: Imogen (Swappin’ Styles W1 Sporty Extra Head 2010)

Hobbies: Does anyone really know??

Family: Jewel (step-sister)

Personality: Some might say that Imogen is mean, but Imogen prefers ‘honest’ or ‘goal-orientated.’ She knows what she wants and works hard to get it!


Imogen’s closest friends are Neko and Kayla, who stop her from getting a little too mean ‘honest.’


Name: Barbie (Fashionista Rainbow Wave)

Hobbies: Literally everything ever

Family: I’m sure we all know who’s in Barbie’s family!

Personality: As one of the most popular girls in school, Barbie works hard to be friends with just the right people. This might make her sound shallow, but Barbie is also kind and sweet, and will never screw anyone over on purpose.


Name: Jewel (Swappin’ Styles Cutie Extra Head 2011)

Family: Imogen (step-sister)

Hobbies: Nature walks, animals, fashion

Personality: Jewel prefers to keep her to self and would rather let her step-sister Imogen do the talking. However, around close friends, Jewel is loud and loves to be silly. She spends a lot of time outdoors.



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