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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses Carriage

Today I’ll be talking about my Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses carriage. I got it second-hand a few years ago.

Here is a really great ad for the toys from the movie. It makes me want to buy them all! I suppose that’s the point, huh?

If you’re interested, take a look at the castle on Amazon –

My first thought was ‘wow, so fun!’ and then I read the reviews and looked a bit more closely. It’s basically a huge sheet of flimsy plastic with some stairs and a balcony on one side. Hmmm.


It’s a beautiful day, so some of the princesses have decided to go outside and play. Here we have Princess Hadley (blue), Princess Isla (purple), Princess Genevieve (pink) and Princess Edeline (orange). I have been looking at the other dolls lately and have decided that I should invest in another one soon.


“I’m going to ride Enchantica,” Edeline announces. Enchantica is the horse. “Hadley, will you help me?”


Hadley goes over to take off the reins. They are easy to take off, because they have broken in a few places. They didn’t break until last year -so they lasted almost 10 years before breaking. That’s not bad.


And she’s off. “Don’t go too far away from the carriage.” Edeline says. As the eldest out of the group, she needs to protect the others.


Isla and Hadley discuss what they are going to do.


Genevieve decides to pick some flowers. The pink ones are her favourite!


This is the carriage when it is expanded. It’s lots of fun to play with! It’s good for princess games and weddings. The horse can easily stand on its own, and it’s quite pretty -although its hair is a bit ratty. I’m sure I could fix it if I was bothered.

The carriage looks flimsy, but it’s held up well after all these years and looks nice, too. I love the colours and decorations.


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