Stylishly Sporty Photoshoot

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I put together a ‘stylishly sporty photoshoot.’ Because what do you do when there’s good weather? Go outside and play sports!*

*Not me, though. When there’s good weather, I sit inside and play Animal Crossing all day. Also I should note that directly after this photoshoot, it started raining for the upteenth time today.


The only items I can identify in this are the bag (Barbie Style Glam Night Neko) and the shorts (Barbie Style Resort).


Danika wears Fashionista W3 2011 Sporty dress, hat and shoes. The basketball is from Happy Family 2003, probably the Alan & Ryan pack.


Holly wears Fashionista W3 Sporty bag.


Imogen wears Made to Move leggings (wow I’m really good at identifying clothes here *sarcasm*).


I really like mixing old and new fashions. It’s lovely having so many clothes, there are endless combinations!


I had to use blu-tack to keep the straps on. That velcro is pretty old!


I don’t understand why you would wear a jacket like Imogen’s IRL. Like …what are you keeping warm??


The hairs all over Imogen’s face are bothering me. Does anyone know a trick to fix the hair when photographing outside? I like taking photos outside, the lighting is much better, but those hairs… They drive me crazy!


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