The Party [Photostory]

It’s a gorgeous day, but of course, the girls at Aquifolia High School are trapped inside a classroom.

“Alright everyone,” the teacher says. “For this exercise, I need you all to find a partner.” Emily sighs. Catrina isn’t in this class, so she will have to work alone.

“Emily? Who is your partner?” The teacher asks, looking pointedly down at her.

“I don’t have one.” Behind her, Neko sniggers.

“Would anybody like to let Emily join their group?” Nobody replies. The teacher sighs. “Looks like you’ll be working alone today.”

It’s recess time. “We seriously need to fix our popularity. Nobody wanted to be my partner today! Again! It was so embarrassing.” Emily complains. “You said you had a plan to fix all this -what is it?”

Catrina smiles. “Come outside.”

To Emily’s surprise, Danika joins them outside. “This is the plan.” Catrina says. “We can’t do this on our own, we need an insider. So I brought Danika.”

“Firstly -Catrina, what on Earth are you wearing? You look like you just stepped off the set of The Brady Bunch or something.” Emily giggles. “Secondly -Barbie’s hosting a party tonight. If you want to be popular, you have to be seen there.”

Can we take a moment to acknowledge Catrina’s outfit? Look at those shoes! Is this not the most fabulous creation?

The girls arrive to the party. If Barbie is surprised to see them there, she doesn’t show it.

“Now’s your chance.” Danika explains. “Talk to people, get in photos, try not to embarrass yourself. Act like you belong here.”

While Catrina is off dancing with Barbie and Holly, Emily prefers to stay inside and talk to Kayla.

The weekend flies by and soon it is time for school again.

Kayla spots Emily and Catrina in the hallway. She raises her eyebrows at Catrina’s, er, outfit, but doesn’t say anything. “You guys should hang out with us sometimes.” she says, before walking away. Emily grins. They actually did it!


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