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C’est l’halloween!

It’s Halloween! Well, not really. At the time of writing, it’s only the 8th of October. But it’ll be Halloween soon!

Yes, that is a mandarin.

“Do you think these will be enough?” Stacie asks. “On the shopping list, I wrote three packets…”

“It’ll be fine,” Barbie assures her sister. “I don’t think we’ll get that many visitors, anyway.” Suddenly, the doorbell rings.

It’s Princess Holly, with her sister Rebecca!

“Is everyone ready to go?” Stacie asks. As the oldest going Trick or Treating this year, she is in charge. It is her first year of being allowed without Barbie, so she is determined to do well.

They set off. “Marie, what are you wearing?” Stacie asks. “Your costume looks about ten sizes too big for you!”

“So does yours.” Grins Marie. Stacie blushes. It’s true; she’s wearing Barbie’s top, because she didn’t have any black ones. “Besides, I’m a ballerina. Isn’t it obvious?”

“Do you think the girls will be alright?”

“Of course.” Holly isn’t worried. “Why don’t we eat these sweets? I’m sure we won’t get very many visitors…”

Here we have Chelsea as a princess, Marie as an, er… ballerina, Stacie as a cat, Madison as a fairy and Rebecca as a princess. I wish I could have done some more creative costumes, but I don’t have much child-sized clothing, so options were limited to paper wings and whiskers.

This is how I made the cat ears.

1.) Cut a paperclip to size (I did this using ordinary scissors)

2.) Bend into a U shape

3.) Cut out 4 triangles -two smaller coloured ones and two larger black ones

4.) Fold the black triangles 2ml in and cut a slit (so they sit nicely). Apply a little sticky-tape so they can be moved up and down on the paperclip

5.) Sticky-tape the triangles onto the paperclip, so they stay in the centre

6.) Blu-tack the smaller triangles onto the black ones


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