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Glam Vacation House Tour

I tend to move my dolls around a lot, often without warning. One post you will find Barbie living in the Townhouse, in another she will live in the Bed and Bathroom House. At the moment, she’s living in the 2014 Glam Vacation House.

“Scarlet Star! Welcome. Thankyou for coming.”

“No, thank you, Barbie, for inviting me to conduct an interview in your lovely home.”

“Alright, Heath, are we ready?” Danika’s face is blank, until she realises Scarlet Star is talking to her.

“Oh. Yes. Camera’s ready. And it’s Danika, by the way, not Heath. That was the last girl who worked for you.”

“Whatever. You’re all the same. Just get started!”

“Good evening, I’m Scarlet Star and you’re watching B Daily. Today I’m here with Barbie Roberts for an exclusive tour of her luxurious home. How exciting!” Scarlet turns to face Barbie. “Barbie, let’s start with the living room, shall we?”

“Well, here on this shelf, we have my television, a picture frame and some flowers. These all came with the house. One thing I particularly like is these little buttons on the pieces, which ‘clip’ onto different surfaces all over the house.”

“The living room also transforms into a bedroom -you just lift up the couch! This blanket came with the house, and a pillow, but I don’t have that with me at the moment.”

“How lovely! But where are the other bedrooms, for your sisters?”

Barbie starts to sweat nervously. “Can we… Can we move on?”

They walk over to the kitchen. “The fridge and oven open, but there’s no other storage in the house.”

“The food clips onto the table, too.” Barbie explains. “This table is one of my favourite parts of the house -you can swing it around, any way you like!”


“Do you have a bathroom?” Scarlet Star asks suddenly.

“Er, no.”

“Not even a toilet?”

“Nope. I’m made of plastic -what do I need a toilet for?”

They move on. “And this here is the rooftop.”

“I’m sorry, but… How did we get up here? Did we climb stairs? I can’t remember.”

“I can’t remember, either. There aren’t any stairs. I think we just …floated.”

“And this here is the garden. I have a dog house, gardening tools, a barbeque-”

“-But you can’t use any of those things. They’re stuck to the wall!”

“Well, yes. But that’s besides the point.”

This is the house when it is fully opened.

…And when it’s closed as much as possible. I must say, it stores wonderfully! So small, takes up hardly any room.

“Thankyou, Barbie.” Scarlet Star conducles.

“It was my pleasure.”


Overall, I really like this house. It’s cute and compact. Of course, I have my complaints, like the lack of storage, but what do I expect them to do? If there was more storage, it wouldn’t fit nicely together.

It was originally $120, but then it kept getting reduced until I finally bought it for $30 on clearance a year after release. It was the last one. That’s the price of a single Barbie Style doll! I’m very lucky. There were other ‘glam’ items to go with it, sold seperately -like the pool, the laundry set, and some other furniture packs, but apart from the pool, I only saw them online. I would have bought them otherwise.

To be honest, I was tempted to get the pool, to go with the house, but then I realised I LITERALLY HAVE A SIMILAR POOL FROM A FEW YEARS BACK. Sometimes I can’t handle myself. Like ??? Do you really need this ??


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