The BFF Meeting (Photostory)

It’s Wednesday night and Imogen, Neko and Kayla have been invited to a slumber party at the castle with Princess Holly.

Suddenly, a familiar figure appears at the back of the room.

It’s Barbie! “Um, I just came to get my chemistry books… I left them here last time I came over.”

Barbie awkwardly climbs over the blankets to get her books. Nobody says anything.

Once Barbie has left, Imogen finally speaks. “Why wasn’t Barbie invited tonight?”

“I heard a rumour that she wrote those ‘Anonymous Panda’ things. You know, the really mean ones about Emily? If she’s the kind of person who writes stuff like that online, I don’t want to be friends with her.”

Imogen hesitates before speaking. “That’s just a rumour. It doesn’t mean she actually did it.”

At school the next day, Imogen tells Barbie the reason why she wasn’t invited. “Oh, this is awful! If Holly thinks I wrote those entries, I bet lots of other people do, too.”

“What are we all talking about?” Holly says, interrupting their conversation.

“Tell her.” Barbie says. Imogen’s smile wavers.

“Barbie isn’t Anonymous Panda. It was me.” Holly frowns. “But I’m really sorry! I apologised to Emily and everything.”

“I think we need to have a BFF Meeting about this.” Holly says, before walking off. “I don’t think I can be friends with someone like you.”

Barbie explains everything to Neko and Kayla. “So, the question is -do we forgive Imogen?”

Over in an empty classroom, Imogen spills to Danika. “And now they’re having a BFF Meeting, to decide if I’m allowed to be friends with them! Isn’t this horrible? I can’t imagine not having any friends…”

“Whoa!” Danika is horrified. “They’re having a BFF Meeting without me? Don’t I count as a BFF? Why wasn’t I invited?”

“Wait -what about me being Anonymous Panda? Aren’t you annoyed at me?”

Danika laughs. “Oh, Imogen. I knew about that ages ago!”

Back at the meeting, Kayla voices her opinion. “I talked to Emily at Barbie’s party and she was really nice. I can’t imagine writing such nasty things about her, for the whole school to see! And now everyone thinks she’s a total loser. That wasn’t fair, and I think Imogen deserves to have no friends.”

“Yeah.” Neko agrees, even though she was one of the people making fun of Emily only a few hours ago. “Let’s not forgive Imogen. That was so wrong!”

The girls find Imogen and Danika in the empty classroom. “We’ve come to a decision.” Barbie says, but Danika interrupts her.

“Why wasn’t I invited to the BFF Meeting? Why wasn’t I invited to the sleepover? HUH?”

Before Barbie has a chance to tell Imogen whether she is forgiven or not, a teacher walks in. “Why are you all here? It’s lunchtime, you’re supposed to be outside!” He hands them all a yard-duty slip just before the bell rings and they are forced to go their separate ways. Poor Imogen, Barbie thinks. Now she’ll have to wait until after school to find out. She must be worried sick. 

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