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I Went to Target Again and Actually Bought Something!

$13 for Dreamtopia dolls -I liked the hair colours, but not the faces. They seemed way too defined and cheekboney, similar to the Teresa Made to Move.

$7 for water play dolls -lol, as if I would ever waste my time on these!

$13 for Fashionistas -None of the ones I wanted were available :/

$15 for Spy Squad budget costar dolls -Again, not interested.

$22 for Barbie Style -Only Barbie was available, and I would rather one of the other ones, but I’ve only seen them online so far.

$29 for Bakery / Smoothie Stand -I was tempted to buy the smoothie stand, but I knew I would throw away the doll immediately, since it had the same defined and cheekboney face as the Dreamtopia dolls.

$30 for Glitter Hair -The doll isn’t that cute, and neither are the clothes, so I wasn’t interested in the slightest

$49 for Gymnastics Coach -While I’ve always liked gymnastics dolls, I was not a fan of the ‘flipping’ action, and the little girl seemed a bit low-quality.

$25 for Starlight Adventure lead dolls -Eh, I’ve already talked about this doll in a previous post.


$49 for Furniture Set -I would like another furniture set, and these do look rather nice, but I couldn’t justify spending that much money. If I bought the bedroom one, all I would get is a bed and a doll!

$99 for Pop-Up Camper -Yeah… This camper is a bit weird. Plus -WHERE IS THE LADDER?! HOW DO THEY GET TO THE DINING TABLE ON THE ROOF?

$4 for single-item clothing pack -Most of these were quite ugly, but there were a few gems. I was going to get one that included two shoes and one purse, but eventually decided against it.

Are you ready to see which of these I ended up buying?

Also, if you’re reading this and thinking ‘wow! there are so many different Barbie products at this store! she is so lucky!’, I’d like to point out that this store has the biggest Barbie selection out of all the stores I have ever been to. Most of the stores I go to only have 2 or 3 shelves of Barbie, so.

I bet you’re wondering why on Earth I bought such an ugly Ken with moulded on hair, huh?

1.) He was the only Ken available

2.) I desperately need guy clothes (I have 3 male shirts, 1 male pants and 2 male board shorts, compared to 50+ female clothes)

Aren’t these clothes cute! I was worried about the quality, since they were only $4 each, but they’re actually much better than other stuff. The packaging is copyrighted for 2014, which makes me think they were part of the new 2015 rebranding clothes.


There’s a little note saying ‘certain products may not be available in every country.’ Out of the 11 dolls pictured here, I have only seen 5. -_- I really wanted #20, #19 and #21. I also wanted #18, but then I took a close look and saw she had those gross cheekbones.

Look at these cuties! The one on the right looks lovely.

Look how Ken can stand on his own!

Let’s compare a male 2012 Fashionista to a male 2016 Fashionista. Here we have Ryan, who has articulated wrists and elbows, real hair and legs that can stand together. And then there’s Ken, who has a dent in his stomach, a blank stare, ballet-like fingers, molded hair and legs that can only go this far inwards.

Onto the photoshoot! No filter required ; )

Can you tell that Neko is my favourite doll?

Kayla is a close second.

Can we acknowledge how gorgeous Kayla’s shoes are??

I suppose I better take at least one proper photo of Ken. I’ve decided to name him Zapp, after Zapp Brannigan. Don’t ask why, it’s a long story. XD


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