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Sooo… I Bought Another EAH Doll

I know this is a Barbie blog. I created this blog purely to show off my Barbie collection. When you followed this blog, you followed for the Barbie. Regardless of all that, this post is going to be about Ever After High.


It’s Rosabella Beauty, daughter of Beauty and the Beast, cousin of Briar Beauty. She was $29, full priced. It’s funny how I’ll easily spend $30 on an EAH doll (something I don’t properly collect) but I won’t spend $20 on a Barbie Fashionista. Eyes on the ball, Barbie! Even have switched over!

Unlike Briar, she has this cute little smile and bright red lipstick. Her outfit is hardly as fancy, but it’s still cute. Her hair is shown much fuller in the picture, but it’s not at all like that in real life.

Even though they are part of the same ‘basics’ line, Briar was produced in 2013 -which explains why she was on clearance!- and Rosabella was produced in 2015. That explains the packaging difference. I much prefer Briar’s, but Rosabella’s is still nice.

It’s interesting how on Rosabella’s box, it says ‘Briar is my BFF’ or something, but Rosabella isn’t mentioned at all on Briar’s. Ooh, rejected! Or maybe she was just added in later.

The side of the box is different, too. I would have much rathered to have them all the same.

Out of the box! Briar’s box came with a plastic ring around her foot, which I use to keep the doll upright when I put her back in the box, but Rosabella’s didn’t. This means she’ll probably be falling over a lot…

Here are the accessories. A stand! How good! It’s much nicer than the Barbie Collector ones (ie: it actually works). Plus it’s gold.

Here is Rosabella on her own. Her outfit is really cute! I tested out the boots on a Barbie, and they actually fit! Too bad they look ridiculous.

UPDATE: My mum says Rosabella looks like a Bratz doll. They’re definitely similar, but not quite. Missing the big lips and ratty hair.

I love how articulate these dolls are! They’re not quite the same as an old Fashionista, but they can touch their face (probably because their heads are so big, lol).

A close-up of her face. She’s really sweet, with or without her glasses. I didn’t take the plastic bands off her headband, just in case.

I won a Instax Mini camera from a Barbie competition. Thanks, Mattel! Here is my first attempt. It’s not very good. When I positioned the photo, the dolls were right in the centre, so that’s odd. I’m not sure what went wrong. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Turns out you’re meant to be at least 60cm away from your subject. And what you see in the viewfinder isn’t actually what you’re taking a photo of.

Here’s the same photo, but taken with a proper camera.

Whew! This post took me 2 hours to put together!

-Pace! ❤


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