A Stranger in Town (Photostory)

It’s a hot afternoon, so Danika and Kayla have decided to beat the heat by heading to the mall. They stop inside a cute little restaurant where Barbie is working.

“I’ll have the salad…” Danika says, a little sadly. She is trying to watch what she eats.

Suddenly she stops. “Whoa! Who is he?” Everyone turns to look.

“Dude, I cannot believe you brought me here.” The mysterious stranger says. “This is the girliest place I have ever been. Do you actually like it here?”

“Okay, the decor sucks, but the food is fantastic, I promise.” Ryan says.

Barbie leaves after taking their orders. “So, what’s been happening with the group?” Danika asks. “Do you know how Imogen is? It must suck having no friends…”

“Actually…” Kayla is nervous about how to start. “We invited her back. We’re all friends again.”

“Seriously?” Danika is horrified. “You didn’t include me again? Don’t I ever get a say?”

Barbie returns with their meals. Upon seeing Kayla’s spaghetti, Danika instantly regrets ordering the salad.

*the following pictures are of terrible quality, because it is really dark inside the room and I couldn’t get my camera to focus*

“Is it weird that I can’t stop thinking about the guy from the restaurant?” Danika asks. “I wonder who he is…”

“Focus on something else!” Kayla is starting to get a bit annoyed. Can Danika shut up about him already? “How about you get us some drinks from the vending machine? I’ll pay.”

On her way to the vending machine, Danika notices the guy from the restaurant! What a surprise!

Danika starts to sweat nervously as he walks over. She’s shyer than she first appears. “Uh, sorry to bother you -I’m new here. Can you show me where the hall is?”

Danika tries to smile. “Sure. Follow me.” She forgets all about the vending machine.

A few hours later, Danika returns with the boy. “Hi, Kayla. I invited Zapp over to hang out. Is that okay?”

While they were out, Kayla invited Jewel over. When Jewel sees Zapp, she gasps. “So you’ll date her but not me?”

“You said you were gay!” Jewel cries. “And then you left town! You left me, you left your friends, you left everyone!”

Danika is horrified. She thought Zapp liked her!

“I never said that.” Zapp replies, through gritted teeth. “I said I was questioning. There’s a difference. I needed some space. I couldn’t handle being in a relationship.”

“Can we just back up for a minute here?” Kayla interrupts. “What exactly happened?”

“Zapp and I used to go to school together in Manhattan,” Jewel explains. “One day, he announced he was ‘questioning his sexuality’ and dumped me. A few weeks later, he moved and nobody ever heard from him again. I moved to Aquifolia a year later, and suddenly Zapp walks back into my life.”

“After I left New York, I moved around a lot. Like, a lot. I dated a lot of people and eventually realised that I’m bisexual. I decided to move to Aquifolia because I knew I could start afresh here.” He paused. “And I really like you, Danika. I really want to be with you.”

Danika’s heart melts. She looks over at Jewel. “Is that… Is that okay, Jewel? I know it’s weird, because we’re friends, but I-”

“It’s fine.” Jewel snaps, interrupting Danika. Her face is cloudy, and it’s difficult to tell what she’s thinking.


I am loving where this photostory series is going. I planned the first few episodes, but now it’s really taken on a life of it’s own. I’M SO EXCITED!! Is it difficult to understand the plot? Obviously it is easy for me to tell who the characters are, but is it easy for you? I know it’s easy to tell who ‘Kayla’ and ‘Barbie’ are, but the others like ‘Emily’ and ‘Jewel’ are just made-up characters.


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