Zapped! [photostory]

Before I begin the photostory, here’s a few pictures of the outfits I put together for this shoot.

Barbie wears 2011 Fashionista clothing pack headband and bag, with 2015 Rock n Royals Zia boots and some random shirt / skirt combo.

Stacie wears her original outfit because I only have one Stacie doll.

Skipper wears 2015 football fashion pack shirt underneath 2015 Style Resort Grace jumper and original shorts. I forgot where her necklace comes from, but it’s quite recent.

Onto the story! Stacie has just gotten home from netball practise and is telling Barbie all about how she shot the winning goal, from her knees, a few seconds before the end of the practise match. “And then, when the umpire blew her whistle, everyone just left the court!” Stacie complained. “Nobody congratulated me at all!”

*Okay, so I just wanted to whine because this literally happened to me.*

Chelsea is playing with Rookie, Stacie’s puppy.

Skipper is busy composing a new song with Bilissa.

Chris, Skipper’s friend, has arrived for a sleepover. Chris is in year 10, while Skipper is in year 9, but they became friends because Skipper takes Advanced Music with the grade above.

The two girls get chatting.

“Have you met the new guy?” Skipper asks.

“Who? Zapp?” Chris smiles. “He’s so hot! I have a major crush on him.”

Meanwhile, Barbie calls for a pizza to be deivered.

It’s so difficult to hear the other person! Barbie thinks. If only I had a Made to Move body… Grr!

The pizza arrives, and guess who is the delivery boy? Zapp, Danika’s new boyfriend! Everyone settles down on the couch to eat, because the table seats only two people.

Barbie tells everyone a story about how she and Grace are going to help design the school’s new gym.

It’s much later now, and everyone but Chris and Skipper are asleep. They have made quite a mess in the living room!

“You should totally call Zapp!” Skipper says. “You should tell him you like him. I wonder what he’ll say!”

“Fine, then.” Chris replies. “I will!” Skipper is shocked -she didn’t expect Chris to actually do it!

So she dials Zapp’s number.

Hello?  Zapp has obviously just woken up.

“Hi, Zapp! It’s Chris, from school! I think you’re really hot. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Uhhh… What?

“I said, do you have a girlfriend?”

No… Can we talk later, please? It’s the middle of the night.

“Sure! Let’s meet up tomorrow, at the park. Okay?”


“He says he doesn’t have a girlfriend!” Chris says, excited. “He wants to meet up tomorrow, at the park! It’s a date, Skipper! I have a date with Zapp!”

The next day, Chris dresses up in a strappy red dress and makes sure her hair is extra-curly for her big date.

“Zapp! Hello!”

“Oh, hey, Chris. You look pretty good. I was wondering if-” Suddenly he freezes.

“Zapp!” It is Danika, who is clearly horrified her boyfriend is out with another girl -a year ten, no less! “Oh, Mattel, I thought I could actually trust you! And look how that turned out!”


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