Queen of the School

It’s Monday. Neko doesn’t mind Mondays.

In fact, she looks forward to them. On Sunday, Neko plans her outfits for the rest of the week. Monday’s outfit is usually the best.

“Oh-my-GOSH!” Neko gasps.

The new girl, Aimee, gives her a funny look and tries to move past this strange girl wearing too many different shades of blue all at once.

“Can I, like, take a photo of your outfit?”

Aimee stops. “Er…”

Neko rushes to explain. “I’m a fashion blogger. Pretty well-known, actually. Anyway, is it all cool?”

“…I guess…” Neko goes ahead and takes a few shots.

“Do you remember where you got that stuff from? It’d really help.” Aimee shakes her head and mumbles something about how she ‘just threw it together.’

“You’re new, right?” Aimee nods. She isn’t sure why Neko hasn’t moved on already. “Want me to sort you out?”

Aimee looks dumbfounded. “What?” She wonders if Neko is talking about drugs.

“I said that wrong. I meant, uh, tell you who’s-who?”

“Uh… I’m not really into all that ‘popularity’ stuff. If you could just show me the way to the art room-”

Neko ignores her. “That’s Barbie. She’s, like, the QUEEN of the entire school. She’s good at pretty much everything and she’s literally a billionaire.”

“That girl there? That’s Danika. She’s a whiz with computers, and she’s really shy, but somehow she manages to be popular at the same time? I think it’s just because she’s friends with Barbie.”

“You know, it’s really kind of you to do this, but I’m worried I’ll be late to my first class. Could you show me where the art room is?”

“Sure,” Neko says, and begins to lead the way. “That girl over there? That’s Holly, she’s an actual princess, but she sure doesn’t act like one! Don’t tell her Dad I said that, though.”

Aimee rushes over. “Holly! I can’t believe it’s you!”

Holly squints her eyes, as if it will suddenly make her remember who on Earth this girl is. She pauses for a moment. “…Aimee?”

“This is crazy! I didn’t know you lived here!”

“Wait… Can someone explain how you two know each other?” Neko asks. Aimee is obviously no longer in a rush to get to art class.

“We met at this big meeting, during the Summer.” Aimee explains. “It’s a princess thing.” Suddenly Holly is ashamed for not being able to recognise Aimee at first -they hung out all the time as kids!

“You’re a princess too?” Neko is shocked. She was amazed to meet one princess, and now she’s met two?  


Later that day, Aimee heads over to Holly’s palace.

“I had no idea you lived here!” Aimee gushed, for only the millionth time that day. “I’m so excited to hang out! It’ll be just like when we were kids, but EVERY SINGLE DAY!”

“I can’t wait!” Holly lied. She could wait, in fact. Aimee wasn’t supposed to move here. Holly had her princess friends, and then she had her school friends. The two worlds weren’t supposed to meet! Did this mean she would have to start acting like a princess at school?


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