Shopping Trips

Target Visit January 2017

A short post because I only took two photos.

I have been checking all the stores and the only dolls for 2017 are two Video Game Hero ones.

$29 each? I wouldn’t even pay $10 each!

This gymnastics beam is going for $29, reduced from $49 for obvious reasons. I wasn’t even tempted.

Also, the Asian doll with the red dress & lipstick and Harper (the blue haired curvy 2016 Fashionista) finally released here, which is ironic because many other places have already gotten the 2017 Fashionistas! And here we are, only just getting more from the old series!

I wasn’t tempted by those, either. I would only buy them for the clothes and I wasn’t a big fan. I think I’ll wait until something more interesting releases.

Also: I changed by 2017 Barbie Budget from $300 to $200. I hope I’ll stick to it.


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