Go Team! [photostory]

It’s ten am, and Steven’s science class couldn’t be any more bored. The school holidays had gone by so fast, it was like they hadn’t even happened! Nobody felt well-rested at all.

“I have an important announcement to make today,” Steven said. Nobody looked up. “The Cloud Space Association has launched a new junior program, and they’ve asked me to find some recruits.”

Now everyone was listening!

Mr. Steven continued. “The program will consist of a tour of Cloudship #507, then basic pilot training, mechanics and simulated spacewalking. The program will run over normal school hours and will count towards your grades. Is anybody interested?”

Hands shot up -Neko, Drew, Aimee and Emily.

*You haven’t seen Emily for a while, have you? Catrina is in the back, too.

“This is so exciting!” Drew said. She normally doesn’t talk to Catrina. Apart from Emily, nobody talks to Catrin these days.

“I’ve been to space!” Barbie announced to nobody in particular. Emily rolled her eyes.

“It says here,” Neko said, “that selected participants will be invited to actually go into space to do actual research! How cool is that?”

“YES!” Aimee is very excited; she has always wanted to go into space and research the unknown. “I can’t wait!”


“Spit spot, you bunch of sorry pansycakes! When I asked Aquifolia High to gather some recruits, you ladies are the last thing I was expecting.”

“Did she just say ‘spit spot’ and ‘pansycake’ in the same sentence?” Neko giggled.

Somehow I’ll, make a man… Out of youuu!”  Aimee sung under her breath. Everyone laughed, except for Drew, who was too busy looking in the other direction.

“Right. For that, you can sort out these.”

“…Uh?” Aimee is a bit confused.

“You’re outfits, they’re standard here at the Cloud Space Association. You’ll be wearing them throughout your training.”

Aimee sorts out the outfits and everyone puts them on excitedly.

Go team!

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