Silk Pants [photostory]

New-girl Princess Aimee, heartbroken Danika, Neko and Kayla have gathered at Princess Holly’s house for a sleepover.

“So, have you spoken to Zapp since…” Aimee isn’t quite sure what to say. “Since he, uh…”

“Completely and utterly destroyed my life?” Danika finishes with a half-smile on her face. She sighs. “Yeah, I’ve talked to him since. He says he’s sorry, but… There’s no way I’ll take him back. Once a cheater, always a cheater, I say.”

“That’s really rough, Danika.” Aimee says. “I can’t understand why he’d do that to you.” There is silence for a moment, then Aimee gets up. “I’m going to find us some snacks.” She leaves the room.

“Why do you act different around Aimee?” Danika asks, turning to Holly.

“What?” Holly fakes surprise. “I don’t act different!”

“You do,” Neko says, without looking up from her computer screen. “You’re literally wearing silk pants right now. Silk pants. Is this how you behave with all your other princess friends over at princess camp?”

“It’s not ‘princess camp,’ it’s called ‘camp royalty,’ for your information.” Holly says. She is quickly running out of excuses, so she decides to change the subject. “Anyway, what do you guys think of Princess Aimee?”

“I think she’s nice,” Neko replies. “I like her hair, it’s crazy how she keeps it neat all the time. And she’s funny, too.”

“You totally like her!” Kayla gushes.

“I do not.” Neko frowns and looks back at her screen.

“What, not over Erika Juno yet?” Kayla smirks.

“I am over Erika! She was so… So last year! And who wants to date a popstar, anyway? Not me, that’s for sure.”

Aimee returns and all conversation ceases. “I couldn’t find any snacks worth stealing, but I did find the booze cabinet!”

“Aimee!” Holly is horrified. “We’ll be dead meat if we get caught! You were never like this when we were kids -you were always so …royal!”

“So? I’m not like you, Holly. I can’t act like some stuffy princess all year ’round. Who do you think I am, Delancy Devin?”

“Oh, trust me, Holly isn’t a princess all year ’round, either!” Kayla chimes in.

“Yeah, one time I had a party, and Holly was the first one to pass out!” Danika added.

Holly hit her on the leg. “That was one time!”

Neko shuts her laptop lid and stands up. “Okay, can we both agree that neither of you are as princess-y as your parents and princess friends would like to hope?”

“Fine with me.” Aimee says, raising one eyebrow.

“Fine with me, too.” Holly says. She is secretly glad -these silk pants are really uncomfortable!


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