Babysitting (photostory)

*for some reason these photos look super bad quality, even though I’m using my regular camera and there was plenty of light? I think photos just generally look bad in this set, even though there’s not even a roof!*

PSA Announcement: If you want to know where any particular accessory, doll or clothing comes from, just ask! I will probably be able to tell you. Isn’t it crazy how we remember these things?


Aimee has left for her tea party, and Neko is busy decorating their new house.

“Neko, I just have to run to the shops.” Tori says. “Can you watch Delia for me? I’ll bring Miyah, so you don’t have to worry about her.”

“Sure.” Neko straightens the canvas, hoping it looks okay with the pillow she bought.

“So, you’re my sister now, huh?” Delia says.

“Yup.” Neko replies. She feels a bit strange towards Delia -she didn’t even know she existed a few weeks ago, and now here she is, sitting on their couch!

Suddenly Neko has an idea. “Hey, while you’re in town, why don’t I introduce you to Chelsea? She’s six, just like you. She lives down the street.”

Neko sets up a picnic for the girls. Pineapple and orange juice, chocolate chip cookies (Chelsea’s favourite!) and a bowl of fruit.

Chelsea and Delia talk as they nibble on their foot.

“So do you live in Aquifolia now?” Chelsea asks.

“Kinda. My mum’s sick, so I’m living with my sisters Tori and Neko at the moment.”

“Oh.” Chelsea replies. “That’s sad. What’s wrong with your Mum? When will she get better?”

Delia shrugs. “Dunno.”

Neko and Barbie catch up. “Is it weird I feel …responsible… for Delia?” Neko asks. “It’s different to Miyah. Miyah is Tori’s kid. But Delia is, like, my sister. I feel like I have to protect her. Is that weird?”

“Of course not!” Barbie says. “It must be tough for her, living with your Mum. At least you had Tori to rely on when things got bad.”

**These next few photo are absolutely terrible, I don’t know what happened! 

“Hi, guys!” It’s Imogen. “I came to see your new place. I hope that’s alright.”

Imogen has brought her puppy, to the delight of Delia and Chelsea.

Imogen, Barbie and Neko all chat.

Tori arrives back home. “Whoa! It’s like a party in here! Anybody want to help me put the shopping away?”

“I’ll do it, Miss Tori.” Imogen volunteers. It feels strange to see a teacher in their house!


2 thoughts on “Babysitting (photostory)

    1. The bag is from the Wee 3 Friends Sleepover 2004 set, the fruit is from the Barbie Happy Family Pool 2003, the orange juice is from the Barbie Cruise Ship 2003 and the cookies are from the Barbie Kitchen Play All Day 2004.

      Whew! See, I said I could remember everything! Haha.


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