Tori’s Big Secret

Neko has been silent the whole way back home, but she simply cannot stand it any longer. What does Tori have to tell her?

“Alright, Tori. Out with it. What’s going on?”

“Do you just want me to …Blurt it out?

“YES!” Neko can’t wait. Is it bad news? Good news?

“Mum visited me while you were away.”

Neko is shocked. This is not what she was expecting!

“She had another kid… She’s six. Her name’s Delia.”

“So?” Neko can’t imagine why their mother came all this way, after six years, just to tell Tori she had another child.

“Neko, she can’t look after her anymore. She wants me… Well, us, to take care of her.”

“What?” Neko is horrified. She’s seventeen years old, and Tori already has enough to worry about! Surely she couldn’t expect them to do that?

“Don’t worry. It’s only for a few weeks. She’s in hospital at the moment, and Dad’s ran off. Again. But, Neko… I was thinking… We need to move house.”

“Whoa!” Neko gets out of her chair. “Move house? I love this house!”

“Neko, we have three people living in a house with one bedroom! We need someplace bigger anyway.”

“Neko, I know this is all very sudden, but it has to be done. I’ve made arrangements to view a house just nearby. It’s much bigger. You’ll love it.”

Neko stares at the ceiling in their new house. It’s white, and very clean.

Aimee comes over and sits down. “Babe. I know this is tough for you, and I should be there to support you, but did you have to call me over? I was about to go to a tea party!”

Tori walks into the room and isn’t at all surprised to see Aimee, in a ball gown, sitting on their couch. “Neko, Mum’s here to drop off Delia. Do you want to say hello?”

“Ugh! No way!”

Delia enters the room and Neko gets up, interested.

“Hi. I’m Delia.” She says.

“Okay,” Neko says. “She’s adorable! We can keep her.” Tori laughs. “Hey -why don’t we take a family photo?”

Aimee scoops up Miyah and gets off the couch. “Er, I’ll just leave now…”

“You stay there, Your Highness,” Tori says. “You’re part of the family, too.” She winks at Neko. Neko hasn’t mentioned anything about their relationship yet, but somehow, Tori seems to have worked it out on her own.

“Okay, everybody! Smile!”

^^Wow, the lighting was really bad there.

Here’s a photo of Neko I liked : )


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