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Let’s Go to Target (Again!)

Only one new thing… Sigh. I don’t know why I keep checking the Barbie section if I’m trying to stop buying Barbies. It’s just sooo haardd!

Today, I sold the 1996 camper (OH! I discovered the reason I have a camper from way back then is because my mother bought it before she even knew she was having a child), a pool, a hair salon, bunch of accessories and clothes for $26. Do I feel sad for letting it go at that price? Yes, but quite frankly, I’ve been trying to sell it for months with no avail.

So now I have $26 extra to play around with. I really need some new tights for dance, and some planner stickers (my other hobby), but I also want to splurge on one of the new Fashionistas… If they arrive here, of course! I just don’t know what to buy!

The new Made to Move dolls. They arrived around a week ago. I wasn’t tempted, because a.) there wasn’t even a price tag?? and b.) really, they’re just regular M2M dolls wearing ‘career’ outfits.

When I first saw this house, I was like ‘OMG WOW I NEED IT.’ There wasn’t a price tag, of course. I thought it was great that there was a living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bath and bedroom, until I went home and looked it up, where I discovered the rooms change around. So that spa? It’s literally the bed (the pillow lifts up and sticks out to the side?? why??) And the dining table? IT HAS ONE CHAIR??

$34 for this. I should be glad it’s even discounted at all, but I just… Ugh. This Target is always full of broken things!

This tattoo hair doll wasn’t discounted, even though the plastic had come completely off.

I was nice to see the Starlight Adventure doll up close, which just convinced me to not buy it even more. As expected, her legs don’t move at all. Not even to the side. Her jacket is very flimsy and her hair is really thin and weird. She can’t look down all that well, either.

It was $20, down from $29. It doesn’t fly. The string-thing is broken. There is no packaging. Am I the only one thinking it should be cheaper?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Go to Target (Again!)

  1. Can I just say what a wonderful mom you have! I had the original Barbie, 1959, brunette, the first Ken, Alan, Midge, and Skipper. I stopped playing with them when I was 12 but carefully kept them and all their clothes packed up neatly in a turqoise coloured wicker case (this is how well I remember them, 52 years later). When I was around 20, I had moved out and when I went home for a visit, my mother had “got rid of them.” Argh!!!

    Good luck finding something good!


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