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Introducing Puppy Chase Stacie

Since I did a photostory to celebrate the arrival of my new Skipper doll (which you can read here), I decided to do a Stacie-focused one. I got this doll back in Christmas but I never did a post about it because I just got so many things that it seemed tedious to make a post about every single one of them.

She was $11 or $12, I forgot which, and I think that’s a pretty decent price. I would be happy to pay that for a Stacie or Skipper doll.

Stacie is going through the checklist to ensure the girls have everything ready for their camping trip. “Snacks? Check! Mattress? Check!”

Everyone piles out of the car. The girls have decided to bring two of their puppies, DJ and Rookie.

“I am so ready!” Stacie says. “I’ve made a checklist of everything I want to do this weekend. First up? Explore the campsite!”

The pattern on Stacie’s shirt goes all the way around, and I really like it. The part at the top feels like a proper mesh shirt! Such detail!

Her pants are purple and her sneakers are plain white, which I am fine with. Sometimes you just need a good pair of plain white sneakers!

Her face is really cute, and her hair is 100% not gluey at all! It’s soft and feels lovely. The headband is just a rubber band, and although it looks fine without, I kept it there because it’s such a cute little detail.

“No exploring yet,” Chelsea tells Stacie, once they have set up the blankets. It’ll be hot tonight, so they didn’t bother to bring a tent. “First we have to eat!”

“Skipper, why don’t you join us?” Barbie calls out.

Skipper makes a face and declines. She’d much rather sit on the car than on the dirty ground!

Chelsea entertains herself with the puppies while crunching on Barbie! brand crisps.

Meanwhile, Stacie runs off to explore.

“Hey, where’s Stacie?” Skipper asks, finally taking a seat with the others. Her bottom got numb from sitting on the car that long!

Barbie looks around, baffled. “I don’t know.”

After looking around their little area with no luck, Barbie and Chelsea set off in the car. “I’ll stay here in case she comes back,” Skipper explains. “After all, one of us needs to stay here with Rookie and DJ.”

It isn’t long before Barbie and Chelsea discover Stacie. “We found you!” Barbie cries out, waving.

“I was gone, like, five minutes!” Stacie rolls her eyes. “But hey! Look at this big rock I found!”

The girls are amused to discover that Skipper and the puppies have fallen asleep!

“Good night, everyone!” Barbie says. It’s been a long day of travelling -it’s time for an early night.

“Good night, Barbie!” Chelsea replies.


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