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Midge’s Great Idea (shopping + photostory)

*scroll down for photostory*

I went to both Big W and Kmart today, and walked away empty-handed.

I saw the reproduction Totally Hair Barbie which celebrates it’s 25th anniversary. It’s the first Collector doll I’ve ever seen at Big W! (not sure if it even counts as a ‘collector’ doll though?? There’s no ‘barbie collector’ on the box, as far as I could tell). I actually walked around the store with this doll, intending to buy, but then I decided against it for the following reasons:

a.) I need to save the $29 to buy Easter presents

b.) I would love to be able to keep her in the box (ideally, I’d like one for the box and one for play, but we all know that’s a bit much), and that means it’ll just sit on a shelf for years until I get bored and debox it and whoops! There goes all it’s charm and value and oh look! Her hair is all messy now! And I’ve lost a shoe!

You get the point.

I also saw the Fashionista Hip-Hop guy for the Very First Time Ever. He was nice, but not, like THAT nice. Nothing else new.

Over on the Monster High side of the girls’ toy shelf, there was a nice EAH doll! ‘Daughter of the Candy Witch.’ She looks awesome! I love her hair. Unfortunately, she was $22, which is the cheapest I’ve seen a non-budget EAH girl. Still, I can’t justify that because I’m poor.

*fingers crossed for my birthday!*

Over here, we have this cute girl from the ‘Epic Winter’ series. The whole ‘special edition’ means nothing to me, so I wasn’t even tempted to waste $29 on her. I mean, she’s nice, but not OMG-MUST-HAVE!

There was only 2 EAH girls today -proper ones, I mean. The others were just the budget ones. Boo! I don’t care about those!

Over at Kmart, I didn’t get any photos, but I did see the Skateboarder M2M for $19. I can’t wait until she goes on sale! Her outfit is awesome.


*Photostory starts here*

“Hi, Midge!” Imogen has no problem with barging into Midge’s house. It’s only a Sunday afternoon -what can she possibly be doing?

“I brought you a gift,” Imogen explains, placing a tub of boysenberry ice cream on the table. It’s the deluxe brand. “Where are the kids?”

“In the living room,” Midge explains. “Ryan! Nikki! Come here and say hello.”

“Hi, guys! Remember me?” Nikki and Ryan stare blankly at Imogen. They don’t.

“Look! It’s for you both to share. Hear that? Share.” Ryan thanks Imogen and takes the toy train. Nikki drools and looks around, confused.

“Thanks for that, Imogen,” Midge says. “You didn’t have to.”

Midge puts the ice cream away while Ryan scurries off. Nikki finds a seat underneath the table.

“Right,” Midge says briskly. “What motherly advice do you need?”

“I’m dropping out of school,” Imogen announces, matter-of-factly. “When you fail four subjects, they kick you out. They’ve already sent me a letter.” She sighs. “I don’t know how you did it. Leaving school… That’s crazy. I can’t imagine being this isolated.”

Midge laughs without humour. “Well, it wasn’t really my choice, was it? You can hardly go to school with a newborn!” Imogen doesn’t say anything, so Midge continues. “I intended to go back, but then Nikki was born, and Alan left… It would be too hard to be a single parent and go to school.”

“Have you tried getting a tutor? Speaking to your teachers?”

“Yes, of course! It’s just so hard. I’ve always been rubbish at school.”

“Well, if school’s not an option, you’ve just got to think of something else to do,” Midge says wisely. “What do you enjoy? What are you good at?”

“Nothing! I’m not good at a single thing!” Imogen scoops up Nikki from the floor.

“You’re good with children,” Midge observes. “You have a first aid license, right?” Imogen nods. “See? Why not start an at-home daycare?”

Imogen ponders that for a moment. She does like children, and she has plenty of space at home. “Thanks, Midge. I’ll look into that. I mean it.”

3 thoughts on “Midge’s Great Idea (shopping + photostory)

  1. Love the photo story! I’ve ordered the Hip Hop Hoodie guy so I hope that the lasses in my doll house like him more than you do! I want to rebody him onto an articulated body but the only one that matches is African American Texas A & M cheerleader which sells on Amazon here in the UK for over £400! 🙀 I’m keeping an eye on eBay in hopes that I’ll find him at an affordable price when I start shopping again. I’m way over my budget right now. ☹️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, that’s insane! I remember oogling him on Barbie Collector years ago and wishing they shipped outside the US. I think what I don’t like about the new Fashionista guys is the moulded hair -yuck! Bring me back 2009 Hottie any day, lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m considering getting one of those accounts where you have an American address and then the company sends your packages on to you. And I definitely don’t like plastic hair – but he’s got a great face!

        Liked by 1 person

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