A Trip to the Cinemas [photostory]

You know what’s whack? I was just going through my old laptop and discovered all these old Barbie photostories! My favourite one was when the girls held a “club meeting” in the bathroom while Ken was in the bath. The girls then hid all of Ken’s clothes so he had nothing to wear when he got out. As revenge, Ken hid all the girls clothes in… Guess what?

The fridge. He hid their clothes in the fridge. Of course.

Anyway. Onto the photostory. I’m glad nobody walked in the room while I was taking these photos, haha.

Delancy steps into Aimee’s bedroom*, unfazed that she is very busy making out with her girlfriend Neko on the couch. “Aimee, it’s time to go,” she says, doing her best not to roll her eyes. Teenagers, ugh.

*In case you realised, yes, this is also Holly’s bedroom. And Courtney’s bedroom. If you’re a princess, it’s your bedroom. It’s not the exact same bedroom, they all just look identical. Yeah… That’s right. *nervous laughter*

“C’mon, Delancy! You said we were leaving at eleven.” Aimee is annoyed. She really doesn’t want to go to the stupid princess meeting.

Delancy narrows her eyes. “And have you looked at the clock lately? It’s eleven. Get a move on.”

Aimee sighs and gets her bag ready.

“Is it bad I wish you weren’t a princess?” Neko asks. She hates it whenever Aimee has to leave -it reminds her of her ex, Erika, a singer who left all the time for rehearsals and interviews.

Aimee sits back down, just for a moment. “Yes, it is bad, because being a princess is my job and that’s just how it is.” Aimee looks serious at first, but then she breaks into a grin. “Also, because princesses get lots of money and why would you wish away that?”

“Ready?” Delancy asks, getting impatient.

“Yeah,” Aimee says. “It’s only four days, Neko. I’ll see you on Tuesday, just like normal.”


Later that day, Ryan, Neko and Danika all head to the cinemas. They’re watching Barbie and her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure. 

The group is hanging out at the lobby before the film starts, and Ryan spots a girl he is interested in. “Ooh, who’s that?” Ryan asks. Everyone looks over.

“Oh, that’s just Emily and Catrina,” Neko explains. “I’d raise the bar a little bit -nobody likes them much. They’re a bit …weird.”

Emily and Catrina are here to see Barbie and her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure, too.

“They’re not that bad.” Danika says, remembering the time when she helped them get invited to Barbie’s party.

Neko turns to ask Ryan a question, but he is gone!

“Hey! You’re here to see Puppy Adventure, right?”

“Yeah, I heard it’s really good.” Emily says.

“Me too! Wanna hang with me and some others? We’re just over there.”

“Sure!” Catrina speaks before Emily can answer. It seems her quest for popularity will never end.

“What did you do that for?” Emily is annoyed. She would rather hang out with Catrina on her own.

“To get popular, duh!” Catrina says, grinning. “I think Ryan has the hots for you -imagine if you two started dating! We’d become, like, the most popular BFF duo in the whole school!”

Emily can’t help but roll her eyes. Dating Ryan? No way.

The cinema door has opened and everyone is allowed in. The film is about to start!



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