Ryan the Couch Hog

After the cinemas, Ryan, Danika, Neko, Emily and Catrina all head back to Neko’s house.

Ryan, of course, takes the best spot on the couch. All of it.

“Ryan, I swear,” Neko says. “If you don’t get up and sit like a normal doll, I will throw this cushion right at your face.”

“Go ahead.” Ryan closes his eyes and relaxes further into the couch.

Neko throws the cushion, and Ryan sits up.

“Why are boys always such hogs?” Neko asks. Emily smiles politely and shrugs. She feels a bit awkward, perched on the arm of the couch, in the house of a girl she hardly knows.

“How good was that movie?” Catrina asks. She doesn’t feel awkward at all -she is pleased to be invited to the popular girl’s house!

“So good!” Danika says. Everyone agrees.

“So, Neko, where’s that hot girlfriend of yours?” Ryan asks. “Why isn’t she here? She practically lives at your house!”

Neko rolls her eyes. “She doesn’t have to hang out with us every single day, Ryan. Besides, she’s actually attending a princess meeting, out of town. We have separate lives, y’know.”

“I didn’t know Asian people could be lesbians!” Catrina says loudly.

Nobody says anything, until Emily drags Catrina out of the room.

“What the heck did you say that for?” Emily says, trying not to yell. “Are you trying to get us kicked out of Neko’s house?”

“I was just saying!” Catrina said. “I mean, seriously, aren’t Asian mothers meant to be all strict and stuff? Surely Neko’s Mum wouldn’t allow that…”

Catrina!” Emily is horrified. “That’s so rude! You can’t say stuff like that!”

“Look, you obviously don’t want me here, so I’m going to leave.” Catrina announces.

“No, wait -I didn’t mean…”

“Save it, Emily. Have fun hanging out with your new friends.”

Emily returns. “She’s left.”

“Good riddance.” Ryan mutters under his breath.

“Emily, has anybody told you that you would look AMAZING with some earrings?” Danika asks.

“Uh…No.” Emily isn’t quite sure she wants earrings, actually, and is afraid of what Danika is going to propose next.

“I’ve got a sewing needle in my bag -I can give you some, right now,” Danika offers. “It doesn’t hurt at all, and it’s really easy. I promise.”

Before Emily has a chance to protest, Emily pulls out the sewing needle. “Ready?” Emily squeaks out a quick ‘yes’ and Danika pushes in the needle.

“See? Easy!” Danika says, sliding in some hoop earrings.

“Wow, that looks amazing!” Neko says. “Can you do mine next?”

“As much as I love this kind of conversation, I’m going to head out.” Ryan says.

“Bye, Ryan!” The girls chorus.

“Ryan totally likes you, by the way.” Neko says.

“You think?” Emily isn’t sure. Ryan didn’t speak to her the entire time she was at Neko’s house!

“Oh, trust me, we know!” Danika and Neko laugh.


Okay, wow! I was not expecting the photostory to go that way. I’m so worried about what’s going to happen to Catrina next! Will she apologise to Neko and join the popular group? Will Emily reject the popular girls and crawl back to Catrina?

WHO KNOWS?? Certainly not me! I didn’t plan for this!


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