Catrina Makes Life Difficult (photostory)

My 100th post! I didn’t even realise! 😀 

It’s Monday morning, and Emily has spent the last half hour chatting to Neko and Ryan in the hallway. It seems as though they are becoming fast friends!

“And when I got home, I realised I had the same pants!” Emily says. “In the same colour!” Everyone laughs.

Without warning, Catrina steps into the conversation. “Hi, gang! Emily, can I speak to you for a moment?”

“Okay, Emily,” Catrina says. “I’ve decided to forgive you for your behaviour yesterday.”

“Forgive me?” Emily is more than a little confused. “You’re the one that embarrassed me by saying all that stupid stuff!”

Catrina is about to reply when the bell rings. Both girls head to their separate classes.

Emily is stumped. “I just don’t know what to do. On one hand, Catrina’s my best friend. On the other hand, she’s acting so …childish!”

“Jut stop hanging out with her,” Neko advises. “You don’t need her -all she does is start fights and wear weird clothes.”

Emily is terribly conflicted. She remembers how Catrina stuck by her when Imogen started all those rumours about her. Did she really want to say goodbye to her oldest friend? Over this? 

“I’m back!” Aimee cries, running into the classroom.

“You’re early!” Neko is overjoyed. “You weren’t meant to be here until tomorrow.”

“Our flights got moved around. It meant I had to miss the last section of the meeting, but who cares about environmental policies, anyway?”

“This is Emily,” Neko says. “Her friend is being a bum at the moment, so she might be hanging out with us more often.”

“That’s cool.” Aimee says. She doesn’t mind -the more the merrier!

At lunchtime, Emily finds Catrina outside. “Can I sit here?” Emily asks.

“I guess.”

Emily takes a deep breath. “Look, Catrina, I don’t want to end our friendship over this. Let’s just move on. Okay?”

“Okay,” Catrina eventually agrees. “But you can’t hang out with those girls anymore. Especially not Neko. And you can’t talk to Ryan again. Deal?”

Emily can’t help but feel manipulated, but agrees anyway.


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