Aimee the Space Princess (photostory)

I’ve been a bit photostory-mad lately, haven’t I? After this, I’ll try to do a tour of my Barbie Cruise Ship. It’s a really fantastic playset, I love it too much. I tried to review the Barbie Dreamtopia movie the other day, but it was sooo cringy I had to turn it off!

Firstly, here’s a cool picture I took of Aimee because she’s a cool chick:

No loose hairs or anything! It’s a miracle! I read somewhere that you can use a wet, clean toothbrush to get rid of loose hairs, but I don’t have a spare toothbrush, so I just brushed it down.

After I changed Aimee’s outfit, I realised she was wearing a very similar one to Neko. #twinning

Anyway. Onto the story. It’s the final day of school at Aquifolia High School. I know, I know, that doesn’t make sense IRL, but this is Barbieland, okay?

Aimee and Neko are talking about their plans for the Summer -Aimee will be attending Camp Royalty and Neko will be spending time with her new sister, Delia.

Suddenly, a familiar face appears! It’s Andrew, from the space station. “What on Earth are you doing here?” Aimee cries. “Are you even allowed here? This is a school, you know.”

Andrew smiles, just a tiny bit. “Yes, of course I’m allowed here.”

“Aimee, we’d like to invite you to do a summer course down at the station. You’ll learn even more than last time, and you don’t have to commit to anythin-”

“Sorry, Andrew, I’ve got plans this summer.” It hurts Aimee to say that. She really loves learning about space. “But I’ll definitely think about it, for next year.”

“Gosh, that must suck,” Neko says, once Andrew has left. “Giving up a space course to attend princess classes?”

“Yeah, well, duty calls,” Aimee smiles weakly. “Besides, I don’t think it’s just classes. Princess Holly really enjoys it.”

“I’ll really miss hanging out with you, this Summer.” Neko says. “I wish you could stay in Aquifolia.” The smile leaves Aimee’s face. She hates it when Neko gets like this -all clingy. It makes her feel trapped.

Aimee turns around to find Emily walking down the hallway to her next class. “You can hang out with Emily!” Aimee announces. Emily gives Aimee a strange look.

“Yeah, I guess.” Emily says. “But don’t let Catrina find out. She told me not to talk to you guys.”


Later that afternoon, school is out and Princess Aimee and Princess Holly are busy packing for Camp Royalty.

“Which bag should I bring? Purple or pink?” Aimee holds up both choices.

“Just bring ’em both!” Holly laughs. “The girls at Camp Royalty are all really rich -they have hundreds of bags! It’s crazy.” As a seasoned camper, Princess Holly knows what she’s talking about.

“I’m so excited; this year the camp will be held at Princess Charm School! It’ll be like we’re proper students! But, you know, only for the summer.”

“Aren’t you nervous, though? I mean… Neither of us really act like proper princesses!”

Holly snorts. “Who does?” Aimee isn’t convinced. She doesn’t want to spend the summer pretending to be some snooty rich girl.

“Trust me, it’s really no big deal” Holly explains. “Most of them go to regular high school, like us. Some of them are homeschooled -they’re the ones to watch out for.”


Look at this cute little piggy bank! It came with a Littlest Pet Shop toy, from my LPS days. I’m not sure if I’ve spoken about those days here, but it’s a long story, so I’ll save it for another post.


3 thoughts on “Aimee the Space Princess (photostory)

      1. I worry about it too, especially when I keep buying more dolls! But as long as there is continuity in the overall story, I think it works. I don’t think you have too many characters.

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