Double Date (photostory)

I finally got around to photographing another photostory -I left everything set up from the last time I tried to, and it was a real pain in the bum trying to live around it! I kept knocking the chairs over, haha.

In last episode, Danika and Zapp agreed to a double date with Emily and Ryan, but they appear to be running a little late…

“Perhaps they got lost?” Suggested Danika. “Emily’s still new to the neighbourhood, so she might not know the way yet.”

“Yeah,” Zapp agrees. “Let’s wait a few more minutes, and then I’ll give Ryan a ring, just in case something’s happened.”

Just like magic, Emily and Ryan arrive! “Sorry we’re late!” Ryan says. “We got a little, er… Caught up.”

Emily rolls her eyes. “You’ll never guess what happened…”

*flashback with Emily’s narration*

“We were on our way to the restaurant, when all of a sudden, Catrina showed up! She was sooo mad -screaming at us like a crazy person! She kept saying ‘how dare you Emily, you betrayed me!’ over and over again.”

“I tried to explain things to her… I said it shouldn’t matter that I’m dating Ryan, we can still be friends. I told her how important Ryan is to me, but she wouldn’t have a word of it.”

“Finally, Ryan stepped in and told her to stop harassing us. He told her to either get over it, or leave us alone! Then we left for the restaurant.”

*flashback over*

“So that’s what happened.” Emily finished. “Gosh, that girl is just insane. I have no idea how I put up with her for so long! Now -let’s order! I’m starving!”

It’s a few hours later, and Aimee has just returned from the cruise ship and is now back in Aquifolia. She goes straight to Andrew and asks to be included in the summer training program.

“Please, Andrew!” She begs. “I’ll work really hard! I’ll catch up, I promise.”

“Alright,” Andrew eventually agrees. “But none of this ‘princess’ stuff. I need you to be 100% committed to this -for the summer, at least. And you never know, I might even find a job opening for you afterwards…”

Aimee is surprised to discover Zapp is also at the space station. “Please, a job opening for Aimee?” He laughs. “Not likely! Aren’t you the one that messed up the delivery for Cloudship 506 last time?”

“It wasn’t me!” Aimee protests. “It was Drew! She was messing around with the controls.” She sends Zapp an angry look and brushes past him, books in hand. She has a lot of studying to do!

Before heading back to the palace to study, Aimee stops off at Neko’s house. “Hi!” Neko grins, waving. She and her sister Delia are building a fort. “Back so soon? I thought Camp Royalty went for ages.”

“Uh, yeah. It didn’t really work out.” Aimee puts her books on the floor and goes over to help them build the fort.

“I’m going to get more pillows!” Delia announces.

“Aimee, what happened?” Neko is concerned. Aimee looks like she is about to start crying.

“I feel like such a failure.” She eventually says. “It’s wasn’t even that hard, and I still couldn’t do it! Violin lessons, French lessons, letter-writing lessons… It was all so intense. I’ve never really thought about my future before and now I realise… I don’t even want that kind of life! I’m a terrible princess, aren’t I?”

“Aimee, please. The role of a princess isn’t to play the violin all day, or write really well-constructed letters. It’s about being kind to your people, and generous, and friendly. And trust me -you’re all of those things! All that superficial stuff doesn’t even matter.”

“I’M BACK!” Delia announces, pillows in tow. (is that a phrase? ‘in tow?’ I feel like I’ve read it before, but I’ve never used it)

“So, what are you going to do now?” Neko asks.

“Well, I’ve signed up for the summer astronaut training program.” Aimee announces. “Zapp says I’ll never get a job out of it, but it’s worth a shot, right?”

“Yeah.” Neko agrees. She can’t help feeling afraid. Is Aimee about to leave her again? She only just got back!


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