Exam Time 2.0 (photostory)

It’s Tuesday, the day of Aimee’s first exam for the summer space training program.

“I’M BAAACCK!!” Holly shouts, dumping her bags on Princess Aimee’s floor. “Why are you still asleep? It’s the middle of the day!” Holly has had a brilliant time at Princess Charm School, and her fight with Aimee when she left is nothing but a distant memory.

“Hey, wake up, sleepyhead!”

Aimee finally wakes up. “Sorry. I was up late studying last night, I didn’t get much sleep.”

“I can tell,” Holly replies, looking at the books strewn around her room. “What are you studying for, anyway? It’s the Summer holidays!”

“Oh, I signed up for the space training program.” Aimee explains, yawning. “I’ve got an exam today.”

“That’s great!” Holly says. “Listen, I’m sorry we fought back at Princess Charm School. I shouldn’t have tried to stop you from leaving -you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Nah, it’s okay.” Aimee yawns again. She doesn’t care anymore -all she wants to do is go back to sleep!

“Oh, by the way… What the heck happened on that cruise ship? This photo of you and Zia is all over the Internet…” Holly shows Aimee the photo, and Aimee gasps. She completely forgot all about that!

“This is so bad…” Aimee can’t believe she let herself get in that situation. “I have to call Neko!”

“Hey, what’s up?” Neko is about to go to the playground with her sister Delia.

“Uh, Neko, listen… On the way home from Princess Charm School, I was really upset, because I had this fight with Princess Holly, and I felt like I wasn’t good enough, right?”

“Okay…” Neko isn’t sure where this is going.

“Anyway, I got super drunk, and this girl, Zia, she started talking to me. And, I know this is going to sound really bad, but then she kissed me… And took a photo of it. And now the world thinks we’re dating, but I promise, I ran away straight away. I was horrified! I didn’t know that was what she wanted…”

Aimee is on the verge of tears. She wants to smash Zia into a million pieces for coming between her and Neko.

Neko is fuming. “You expect me to believe that stupid story? Nice try, Aimee. I thought you were better than that! I trusted you!” She hangs up.

Tori, Neko’s older sister and guardian, walks into the living room. “Hey, what’s going on? I could hear you from the kitchen!”

Neko explains everything.

Tori sits and listens for awhile, then tells Neko she should have a look at the photo. “See?” Tori says. “Aimee doesn’t look very impressed. Maybe this was all a set-up. Aimee is pretty famous, after all.”

“Yeah,” Neko sniffs. She has to admit -Tori is right. “Okay. I’ll talk to her tomorrow, I guess.”


Over at the space station, Zapp has invited Danika for a tour of the ship.

“It’s so cool that you’re, like, an astronaut.” Danika says, impressed. “I can’t wait to tell people that my boyfriend goes to space.”

Andrew walks in, and Zapp turns his attention to her. “Aimee hasn’t turned up to her exam.” She announces, frowning. “Stupid princess. And I had such high hopes for her!”

“She shouldn’t be shortlisted for the team.” Zapp advises. “She doesn’t deserve it. Heck -cut her out of the training program!”

“Hey,” Danika steps in, frowning. “Zapp… Aimee’s my best friend. You can’t cut her!”

Zapp dismisses her. “What do you know?” He says, turning back to Andrew. “Anyway, I have another candidate I think would be suitable…”

Danika walks off in a huff. “See you around, Zapp!” She can’t believe how rude he just was! That was so disrespectful, she thinks. He doesn’t value my opinions at all! Aimee’s my friend! 





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