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2005 Totally Real House Tour

Today I’ll be featuring my 2005 Totally Real House. I’m trying to slowly photograph everything in my collection. They must have produced about ten bajillion copies of this thing, because it seems like everyone on Flickr has it! Here’s the ad, which I think is quite creative:

I used to have two copies of this house, so one house belonged to Neko, and the other one belonged to Midge / Emily (I rarely photograph either of these girl’s houses so they shared it). Then I sold one of the houses, so now I just have one.

Today it will be Emily’s house, and she’s going to show us around.

I love the front of the house, it’s really realistic and cute.

The doorbell rings, and the mailbox slot can move so you can push through letters.

Here it is all opened up, without furniture. I think it’s a really nice size, two children could easily squish up and play together. I would much prefer a house like this one, in comparison to the “transforming” mini house available now -who wants a pillow that sticks out over the bed??

I don’t have all the pieces -you can see here that the chairs are different from the original, although the table is the same. I can’t remember where I got these chairs from, maybe a dining room set?

There is a variety of food items, like eggs, milk, cereal, chicken, pie, ice cream, plates and bowls. I think it came with some popcorn, too, although I’m not sure where that is…

It also came with a frying pan and spatula. I like it how they’re silver, and how there’s a place to hang them. Yay for realism! There’s a box of washing power, too, which is a nice touch. If you push the orange button, the washing machine will spin.

The oven, fridge and washing machine all open. I like it how they included both a stovetop and an oven -some kitchen sets don’t have both. No sink, however, but I can’t imagine where they’d put it, so that’s understandable (besides, they can always wash their dishes in the bathroom sink like a Sim!).

Over to the bathroom. I really like how they included toilet paper, that looks really realistic. The lid on the seat can come up, and you can push the flush to make a toilet noise.

I like the tiling, too. It helps to break up the white walls, and I’m glad it’s not pink!

The shower can come off the hook, and you can push the button to make a shower sound effect.

The bedroom doubles as a living room, where the 2005 film Barbie Fairytopia is playing.

There’s an ottoman, too, which you can push onto the sofa to make a longer couch.

There’s a piece underneath the ottoman which can be lifted up to create a bed. Isn’t that neat? It’s really inventive. Go Mattel!

Finally, you can attach a ‘cover’ piece to make the bed look all nice and proper. Time for a rest!

Don’t forget a blanket! Isn’t this one cute? It’s probably my favourite Barbie blanket that I own. I didn’t know where to include the vase, so I just popped it on the side table.

And that’s the house! It’s really brilliant, I can’t think of a single negative thing to say! I love how you can empty out the bedroom and turn it into whatever kind of room you like. I like how the doors look so realistic, with the panelling and the grey doorknobs.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve eaten about four or five different variations of this dish I’m about to show you and it’s just SO NICE and SO EASY that I just had to share it here.


Okay, so I’ll start with the Easy Variation. This one doesn’t taste as good as the others, but trust me, it’s still delicious and super-filling.

1. ) Chop up a broccoli. If you want to make a smaller serving, just use half. (I bought mine for only 70 cents!) Arrange in an oven-proof dish.

2.) Sprinkle grated cheese over the top. Add some nutmeg, salt, pepper and a dash of olive oil (optional). I’ve done this without the optional extras and it still tasted nice. If you like, you can do a layer of broccoli, then a layer of cheese, and then some more broccoli.

3.) Bake for 40 minutes at 200 C. I’ve found 40 minutes to be the best time, but 30 works if you’re in a hurry. The broccoli is just so sweet and juicy and delicious and mmmm! 

Now for the Hard Variation. It’s not actually that hard, because there’s no measurements, but it does require more cleaning up, and it takes a bit longer.

1.) Chop up a broccoli and a potato (in thin rounds). I’ve made this without the potato and it still tasted fine, but I prefer it with the potato. Make sure to peel it first! Arrange in an oven-proof dish.

2.) Melt some butter in a saucepan; I used a tablespoon for one serving. Add a sprinkle of flour (about a tablespoon) and mix it in. Add a dash of milk until and mix some more, until it’s all combined. You want it to be quite thin.

3.) Add a heavy pinch of grated cheese. Keep mixing and adding milk until the cheese has melted and it has reached the desired consistency. Add salt and pepper.

4.) Pour over the vegetables. Again, you might want to do this in layers if you’re making a lot.

5.) Top with more grated cheese, and some nutmeg (if you like). Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees, and 1 hour at 150 degrees (or until the potato is soft). If you’re doing this without the potato, 40 minutes should be fine. Make sure to test a piece of potato before serving to make sure it’s 100% cooked.

I know that was completely off-topic but it was SO GOOD, you guys. I’ve seriously made this 4 or 5 times this week! (I forgot exactly, but once I ate it twice in one day!) Oh, you can add cauliflower too. It takes the same time as broccoli to cook.

-Pace! ❤

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