Do You Think I’m Boring? (photostory)

You hear a lot of people say ‘I could never go without a job, I would go mad without something to do all day!’ But honestly, I think I could easily work from home. I have so many hobbies to keep me entertained! I just wish I had more time for them.

Anyway, onto the photostory! Danika and Kayla are over at Imogen’s house for a sleepover.

“How are things with you and Zapp?” Kayla asks.

“Ugh, don’t get me started!” Danika winces. “Yesterday, he was giving me a tour of the space station and that was all great, right? But then he found out that Aimee didn’t turn up for her exam and he started getting really agitated. He kept going on about how she didn’t belong in the summer program and stuff. And he knows we’re friends! Why would he say that in front of me?”

“Face it, Danika,” Imogen says, coming over with the pitcher of water she had left to fill up. “The man’s a douche. I say, drop him! He’s a loser if he’s going to insult your friends.”

“And how many relationships have you been in?” Kayla asks smugly. She knows the answer is zero.

“That’s irrelevant.” Imogen replies sharply.

“Don’t listen to her, Danika.” Kayla continues. “You guys will work this out. You just need to talk about it.”


It’s later that night, and Imogen hasn’t stopped thinking about Kayla’s words. Why hasn’t she been in a relationship yet?

“Be honest with me, girls,” Imogen says. “Do you think I’m boring?”

“No!” They reply. “You’re so interesting!”

“Well, what is it then? Why don’t guys like me? It’s so unfair!”

“Imogen, don’t you remember what happened the last time you started to get all woe-is-me?”

“I know, I know. I turned into Emily’s worst nightmare. You don’t need to remind me! I was an awful cow back then.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Danika advises. “The right guy will turn up, just you wait!”

“I just feel like rubbish, that’s all.” Imogen sighs. “I was practically kicked out of school for being so stupid, I bullied a poor girl into the depths of loserville, nobody ever likes me…”

“Imogen, stop it!” Danika says. “You’re not stupid, you started a whole childcare on your own! And you apologised to Emily! And you’re an amazing friend -isn’t that enough?”

Imogen sighs again. “Let’s just go to sleep, okay? I’m tired.”


The next day, Danika meets Zapp in the park.

“Hey… I wanted to talk about what happened a few days ago. You were really rude about Aimee, and that wasn’t okay. She’s my friend, and it was like you weren’t even respecting that.” Danika takes a deep breath. She isn’t good with confrontation.

They sit down, and Zapp explains. “I know, and I’m sorry for not respecting you. But when I took the summer training program, back in Manhattan, I always turned up for my exams. I paid attention and I worked hard. But this one guy in my class, he never turned up for any exams, he never did anything! And he still got through, and that made me really mad. I just wanted to stop it from happening again. People that don’t work hard don’t deserve good things!”

Despite this explanation, Danika can’t help feeling annoyed. “But Princess Aimee does work hard! Something really bad must have happened. I know her, and I know how much she loves science.”

Zapp hesitates before speaking. He still doesn’t quite trust Danika’s story about Aimee. If she was such a hard worker, she would have turned up! He sighs. “Okay. I’ll talk to Andrew, make sure she keeps Aimee on board. I don’t want to fight over something like this, it’s silly.”

“Good.” Danika smiles. “Because I don’t like fighting either. I’m glad we worked this out.”

“Me too.”




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