Not Hatin’, Just Skatin’ (photostory)

Let’s see what everyone is up to today…

Imogen is visiting Midge for afternoon tea, and they are discussing all their problems.

“I guess… I’m just a bit bored nowadays…” Midge says. “I keep thinking I should go get a job or something, but what? I don’t have any experience, I didn’t even finish school!”

“You could always come work for me,” Imogen suggests. “I could always use an extra pair of hands around the childcare centre.”

Midge ponders that for a moment. “Well… Okay! I guess it could be fun. At least it’ll get me out of the house.”

“Great!” Imogen smiles. “How about tomorrow then?”


Over at the ice rink, Neko is practising for the finals. She still hasn’t taken up Mary-Anne’s offer on a new coach, but she’s thinking about it.

Was I really good enough to qualify for the finals? Neko wonders.

Her skating life in Japan seems so long ago, it feels like she’s entering the competition world for the very first time again. She can’t land all the quads she used to be able to, and honestly, is quite out of shape.


And what is happening here? Gosh, is Catrina wearing a ballerina costume?

“I was hoping I would find you here.”

Emily is not amused. “Yeah? Maybe because your in front of my house.”

Catrina gets up. “Okay. Your stupid friends made me realise what I did was wrong…”

“What?” Emily is confused. She doesn’t know anything about how Neko and Aimee confronted Catrina.

“You know… With the baby rumours and stuff. It was me, Emily. I made them up. And I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Let’s be friends again -just the two of us, like it used to be.”

“No way, Catrina.” Emily is furious that she would even suggest that. “Get out of my life, and stay out. I don’t know what’s up with you lately, but I don’t want anything to do with it.”

Emily goes inside.

Catrina looks back, hoping Emily will be there. Bitterly, she realises she doesn’t have a single friend left. How did I go from one of the most popular girls at school, to having no friends at all? Catrina wonders sadly.


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